Everyone wants to have beautiful and well-groomed nails. And this applies not only to women, since the last time the men began to pay more attention to their appearance. In order to do a good manicure, pedicure and nail extension, you must see a specialist who has received appropriate training. Now, however, courses of manicure and nail anyone can visit. Such training can go both novice and expert who wants to improve their skills.

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What will be taught?

The first thing the teacher will tell and show you how it should be organized workspace manicure. Provide information regarding the working materials, cosmetics and medical drugs (antiseptics and disinfectants) to be applied during operation.

Mandatory would be the development of sanitary standards, the study of the rules of processing tools.

In addition, the student receives information regarding diseases of the nail plate and bed, of the rules for the different types of the nail (convex, concave, cracked).

Useful would be a study of the rules of skin care of hands and feet, especially if there are problems such as dryness or cracking. Also the courses will be taught methods of building and painting nails.

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    So, a brief list of highlights, which will be explored when visiting the courses in nail and manicure:

  1. Rules for tools, rules for safe operation.
  2. Psychological aspects of working with clients.
  3. The study of tools and equipment, as well as cosmetic products from leading manufacturers.
  4. Basics manicure techniques.
  5. Nail extensions (gel, acrylic), as well as colouring techniques and design painting.

Thus, the courses provide an opportunity not only to become a professional manicurist, but also to improve existing knowledge. Undergo such training can and those who wish to own all the rules to care for your hands and nails.

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