Well-groomed female legs at all times worried men. But how much effort is required to keep the feet in perfect condition. To preserve the beauty of the legs will allow a Spa pedicure.
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A Spa pedicure is a highly effective treatment for feet, aimed at reviving the skin of the feet and maintain them in perfect condition. The procedure can be performed independently or go to the salon, for example, the service Spa provides hotel for an hour Moscow.

The procedure involves a number of methods that are applied in a special way, taking into account all the nuances of the skin. Spa pedicure differs from the usual in that it combined the useful with the pleasant. Besides, it takes more time and involves more procedures.
Spa pedicure helps to treat the feet. Rough, anhydride, the skin of the feet is a favorable environment for the development of bacteria and fungi, because it reduces the immunity of the skin. And the Spa enhances immunity, treatment of the feet and improve overall health through much of the effect of relaxation.

Home Spa pedicure

To carry out this Spa treatment at home, you must have patience. First of all, you need to clean the surface of the feet and massage. To do this, the feet are rubbed with any oil and you can begin the procedure. Clasp your fingertips shoes and massage each finger, such manipulation should be 5-10 times. After the massage the feet are placed in a warm bath with sea salt. Bath will help to soften the skin of the feet before peeling.
Что представляет собой спа-педикюр
Peeling is performed using a foot scrub and is intended to remove rough skin. After it is applied nutrients – cream, butter. The procedure ends with the application of nail Polish.

To carry out the procedure at home or go to the salon every woman must decide for herself. In any case, a lot of positive emotions from Spa treatments you provided.

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