Что такое термос для еды, как его выбратьThermos is indispensable not only for a hike or travel – it is very convenient to take with you to work, thus providing a lunchtime reception of food.

What is a food thermos? And what is important when choosing to pay attention?

There are several varieties of food thermoses. They are presented by several species – normal food thermoses, where you can place the first, second courses and other types of foods, food thermoses with the presence of судков and food thermoses with the presence of containers.

Choosing food thermos, first of all, you need to find out how many hours he is able to keep the heat – it depends on whether stored in it hot food, and for how long. Modern thermos, as a rule, have a limit of five to eight hours.

At the time of accumulation of heat affect the bulb and the tightness of a thermos. The bottles can be made of glass, all-metal. Approximately both of them retain heat in the same way. Only now, the glass flask more likely shatter if any situations.

Also, there are just wide thermoses with a plastic box and a small судочек. In these models, the heat is retained no more than four hours due to the lack of a proper seal. Also liquid food can be shed from such thermoses, so food must be «dry». But this kind of a thermos and their advantage – they have enough space.

For the lovers of hot soups ideal option will be the acquisition of a thermos, whose full metal flask. They may have perches or containers, or be without them. Models of thermoses, not containing containers do not differ the big volume – maximum achievable by half a liter. Therefore, for food lovers, the contents of such a thermos may be small.

На чем основан правильный выбор термоса для еды

Is all-metal thermos, in which containers are fixed to each other in one flask. Food under this option will be the longest be hot. However, the capacity of such models cannot boast of great performance. By the way, buy a good bottle of food today You can Internet-shop Travel4U for the most affordable prices.

A thermos refers to the best option, definitely say’t work. It can affect personal food preferences, whether food liquid or dry enough just to have a Cup of seagulls at work or is it important to have stewed potatoes with gravy. Therefore, the main point of reference when choosing food thermos depends on individual tastes.

Also read more about thermoses for food can be read on Wikipedia  http://ru.wikipedia.org/wiki/Термос.

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