что модно в этом сезонеSeason spring-summer already in full swing, and with it new fashion trends. Every woman wants to update your wardrobe. The summer season promises to be rich in color, fabric and inspiration.


Colors and shades

Season spring-summer 2017 looks colorful. Pink, yellow, blue, red or green: don’t be afraid to wear in dynamic colors. You can easily combine colorful clothes with black, white or khaki clothes. This is the trend of this season. Back in fashion purple, violet, lilac, right down to deep purple.

You will have to taste like pale pink, fuchsia. Sunny yellow tones, such as lemon or Mimosa, is no exception. Do not forget about the orange, tangerine. Bright green continues a chain of bright colors this season. The top features a pure-white and blue Klein.

In the season spring-summer 2017 in clothing present a little Golden hue. It emphasizes the tan and gives the image a little warmth. Golden is presented in small pieces such as jewelry, belt or shoes. You can also experiment with gold and at the same time flashy clothes: sweaters, t-shirts, pants or skirts.


Fashion trends

  • The Maritime tendency is in high demand this season. The blue color goes well with any clothes, especially denim cloth, and with white things, such as shorts or a skirt (long or short).
  • This season don’t be afraid to emphasize your waist with a belt. Tunic, dress, shirt, t-shirt slouchy pullover: everything you pritalen. For the full women is better to choose a wide leather belt: fashion accessory that can be applied to any look this summer.
  • This season the pieces just “bloom”. Prints colors give the image of joy and freshness.
  • In fashion again asymmetric, one-shoulder open. For an even more feminine and sexy image, you can open the back of the head, gathering the hair in a high bun or a braid.
  • Season spring-summer 2017 resumed leather mini. Leather mini-skirts or mini-shorts are perfectly combined with lace clothes and sandals. For the party, nothing prevents you to change the sandals for high-heeled shoes, for example, wedges.
  • When you select pants there is a choice between different forms. Wide leg pants are best worn with a short top. Tapered pants look great with a boxy blouse and a belt-corset. Short, wide trousers it is better to add a vest, a rain jacket and espadrille wedges.
  • The trend is light, transparent, silky material. Great importance is also attached to soft and flowing fabrics that give the clothes a feminine touch.


Fashion styles

  • Atlia is a fashionable neologism of the present time who have not yet found an equivalent in the Russian language. Atlia style is casual, which involves the use of sportswear in everyday and business wardrobe. Ideally atlia is designer clothes in sporty style which is not designed for sports and to wear it in everyday life.

We are talking about the Park, jackets, sweaters with sporty details, the vest zipper hoodie, sports materials (mesh, Jersey, synthetic), baseball caps, sneakers, sports trousers, sports socks, pleated skirt.

  • The 80s style dictates this season rules. A relaxed look with a fitted dress with broad shoulders and a pair of boots. A man’s shirt should choose wide. The perfect complement to her jeans with a high rise and lace-up heels with ties.
  • The style of the 90s in trend this season. Like last summer, urban style dominated by khaki and touches militaristic style. 90 years is a synonym of sexuality with their sheer panels, parts, underwear and tops with cutouts. Fashion t-shirts, jeans with a high rise, denim skirts, dresses from a fabric mesh over pants, dress pants, dresses with cutout shoulders, bomber jackets, denim jackets with emblems and badges, shoes on the platform, mini-backpacks, baseball caps.

If we talk about fabrics, this season the preference is given to nylon, velvet, muslin, delicate lace.


Still in the trend

Since last summer you can leave it in my wardrobe:

  • wide man’s shirt;
  • the Park or a light windbreaker;
  • wide-leg trousers;
  • jacket and pants made from fluid satin plain, stripe or floral print;
  • the MIDI skirt;
  • asymmetric dress;
  • pullover-tunic;
  • sheath;
  • asymmetrical pullovers, t-shirts.

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