Косметология и пластическая хирургия - красота в ваших рукахToday the topic of medical tourism is becoming increasingly urgent. Indeed, the quality of services of the national health system leaves much to be desired, and the number of patients is increasing.

Therefore, along with the numerous private clinics, including the Center for aesthetic medicine “Talisia” (details here), specialized companies now offer high-quality treatment in other countries.

Partner of your health

The company organizes HealthPartner economic diagnosis and high quality treatment to international patients in Turkey. Important point – the company is not a representative of any individual clinic, and is the leader of his client in the diverse world of health services in Turkey. That is, the team HealthPartner offers the best public, University and private hospitals, taking into account financial possibilities and needs of the patient. And since the company is developing medical tourism of Turkey in General and works with public support, then the price of the service for the client – be it treatment or diagnosis is not affected.

- Search for how and where to go, most do not have. You are greeted at the airport and accompany during the entire trip. Will support you during the waiting period in the hospital will provide an interpreter, will conduct tours and arrange ticket booking, leisure… That is, the company does everything to make the patient feel comfortable, – says Olga Belous, the official representative of HealthPartner. – If you have, for example, in Istanbul, why not take a look at the Blue mosque to enjoy the evening scenery of the Bosphorus bridge? Gourmets can enjoy the exotic local cuisine, and ladies cheap “overstock” of high-quality clothing.

Turkish medicine – European quality and affordable service

Why is the treatment to go to Turkey? First, because of the high quality of care. Turkey, with its modern hospitals, qualified staff, technological infrastructure and accumulated knowledge offers services of European standards. Many hospitals are accredited by internationally recognized organizations.

- In Turkey provides high quality services for the treatment of Oncology, cardiovascular surgery, orthopedics, brain surgery, pediatric surgery, aesthetic surgery, ophthalmology and dentistry. These hospitals also offer services such as system Cyber Knife, robotic surgery, bone marrow transplantation and organs, – says Olga. – In our country it is often impossible to save a life because of imperfect diagnosis, lack of equipment for carrying out such operations abroad are common and quite affordable.

Secondly, it is internationally recognized. Every year Turkey attracts more foreign patients. According to official statistics, in 2008 there were 74 thousand in 2014 – already 430 million, and in 2016 more than 500 thousand

Thirdly, the Turkish treatment is not only high quality but also relatively inexpensive. In Turkish hospitals, the same services are much cheaper than, for example, advertised in Israel or Germany.

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