Manicure has become a mandatory procedure. It allows you not only to comply with hand hygiene, but also makes them well-groomed and attractive. Modern design – manicure-is designed to maintain the beauty of the hands with a significant reduction in the time.
Manicure implies is the same a regular manicure, but with the use of special tools. The device for manicure is a device resembling bormashenko. It is of two types – portable and stationary. The latter is often used in salons.
Что такое современный аппаратный маникюр
Design of machines for hardware manicure is very diverse, as well as filling this manicure set. Often the set comes with 8 attachments for saw and polishing. Materials used – felt and sapphire coating. Sapphire allows the apparatus to be virtually non-wearing.

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The main part of the machine is the handle, which should be adjustable. If the device you plan to use in the salon, it should have more power from 100 WATTS. In General, the devices are up to 230 WATTS, but not every artist is able to cope with such a powerful instrument, because the more the capacity of the device, the more momentum it carries out for a minute, and devices with a power of 230 W assume 50000 rpm. In operation, the machine must rest for 5-7 minutes, this will reduce stress and increase life.
Что такое современный аппаратный маникюр3
Manicure is a fairly new phenomenon and many are skeptical about it, preferring a standard manicure. However, as practice shows, manicure, done with the help of the device more accurate and of high quality.

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