чем полезен березовый сокProbably not people who have never tried juice. The name of the drink is intriguing in contrast to the usual fruit juices, birch is obtained directly from the tree. Many people like a refreshing drink, but few people know, what is the use of birch SAP, and how it can be used for the prevention and treatment of various diseases.


“Tears of the birches”

Birch juice or as it is sometimes called, the SAP is the fluid that flows from birch wood under the influence of root pressure. Collect the juice produced in the spring, starting with the first thaw and ending with the appearance of the birch leaves. In the spring juices moving in all trees, but man are used, in addition to birch, only the juice of some species of maple and vine. But the maple SAP is used most often to prepare syrup, and juice are most people prefer to drink in its natural form.

This refreshing drink, clear as water, but a little more dense. The scent of the birch SAP weak, fresh. Taste with slight acidity. The drink contained in a small amount of fruit sugar, making juice has a sweet taste. In the SAP are tannins, vitamins and minerals.

In the sale you can find birch juice with various additives. As a rule, drink sweeten and acidified, sometimes to insist on the grass or mixed with other juices. The most popular tincture of birch juice of mint, rose, black currant: this enriched juice is considered to be even more useful than usual.

However, it doesn’t hurt to carefully examine the label: sometimes instead of natural juices and fruits for flavoring used synthetic substances.

The drink is much cheaper than traditional juices from fruits, berries and vegetables, so many doubt useful juice. Herbalists answer this question positively. Birch SAP is very useful, but to use it you need fresh without any additives. Finish the drink with sugar, canned juice or syrup from it can be very tasty, but the benefits they already doubt. It can hardly be expected to replace birch juice pills and injections, but this drink can be used as an aid in the treatment of many diseases.


What useful juice?

чем полезен березовый сокThe birch is used as a diuretic and tonic. The drink is rich in biologically active substances, great tones. The SAP is widely used in cosmetology: frozen birch juice rubbed the skin, apply a liquid for the treatment of eczema or skin Stripping, age spots and acne. Washing birch juice is recommended in the absence of any skin problems is a wonderful rejuvenating agent that preserves the elasticity and softness of the skin.

Hair birch juice is also useful. This is a great way to stimulate growth. Birch SAP can be used when hair loss. The juice should be rubbed into the roots of the hair, not washing off, once or twice a day. If your hair is dry and brittle, birch juice mixed with oils.

Of course, suitable for cosmetic purposes only fresh juice without added sugar, citric acid, preservatives and flavorings. For the treatment of internal organs are also encouraged to use the juice.

The birch is recommended for people suffering from diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. Drink stimulates the production of gastric juice and shown at exhaustion, lack of appetite, gastritis with low acidity and a number of other diseases. Some experts recommend juice and ulcers, but better than before treatment is still to consult with a gastroenterologist.

Shown birch juice for liver and gall bladder. It helps in the treatment of helminthic infections, strengthens the body’s resistance to disease, reduces allergic symptoms. Diuretic effect of the juice will be useful for many diseases, including hypertension.

According to herbalists, birch juice is an excellent tool to improve metabolism.

This drink should pay attention to those who want to lose weight. Of course, a drink or two birch juice a day will not provide the rapid loss of excess pounds, but will help you to become slimmer. Because the drink is well-toned, with a glass of birch SAP, you can replace one of the meals. In addition, this drink helps to excrete toxins, which are inevitably formed when losing weight.


“Juice” from the tap

In the sale you can find juice from different manufacturers. The production of this juice is very beneficial, because trees are used more than once, they share their juices every spring. However, juice are often fake, using plain water, sugar, citric acid and flavors. Obviously, this drink is not more useful than simple drinking water.

For this reason, you should buy juice from reliable manufacturers or collect it yourself. The use of birch SAP in fresh much more than use canned drink – it contains the maximum amount of useful substances. And production of this juice is not hard.

The most important thing when collecting juice to take care of the tree. In no event it is impossible to collect the juice from young trees. Sturdy birch incised bark or nadramia branches, then collect eye-catching the juice in a suitable container. Preferably from one tree to collect no more than 400-500 milliliters of SAP. After receiving the right amount of juice incision on the bark closed garden pitch or resin, so that the SAP has ceased to flow.

In the refrigerator fresh juice stored up to two days, so you should not collect it once a lot. If desired, the juice can be prepared kvass, syrup or wine, you can freeze the juice in cans. But all these drinks, of course, far less useful than the fresh SAP.

Maria Bykova

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