Preparing for a wedding – it is quite troublesome. While decoration of Banquet halls, finding wedding dresses, suits for witnesses and so on, you can forget about some of the details that are also of great importance. For example, on manicure. This is the component that allows you to create a complete holiday. Wedding manicure gradually turns into a separate branch. Many masters of manicure offer their professional services. They pick the color and design of nails.
Какой маникюр лучше выбрать на свадьбу?3
What to pay attention to wedding manicure fit?

Be sure to pay attention to how the look of the wedding dress. Nail design should only complement the dress. It is better to refuse from excessive pretentiousness, if you want to create nice wedding way;

Of course, the bride itself must choose what she likes. On request, nails, you can even decorate rhinestones or precious stones;

The nail design should look good. Everything is important: the form of nails, fingers, and so on.
Какой маникюр лучше выбрать на свадьбу?
There are standard ways of manicure for brides. They are perfect for all types of dresses. First, it is a dairy manicure, neutral and looks very gently. Additionally, you can decorate the different stones. The second option, which also looks perfectly is a French manicure. It allows you to play with shades and shapes, and the length of the nail. Many brides prefer to do more bright and colorful design of nails. Very often the bride manicurist with red nails. Popular and blue, coral nails. Stylishly will look and bright patterns or designs on a neutral color of the nail plate. Alternatively, in vivid color can be painted only one or two nail on the hand.

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