In the modern world fashion trends are changing very quickly. Same way with the preferences fashionistas in the area of nail care. More recently have been popular for a long, sharp nails. Then the representatives of the beautiful sex are massively prefer innocent barely visible nail in the style of “French”. After that came into Vogue short nails, painted in a rather garish hues.
Какой маникюр сейчас самый модный?1
Among the innovations of recent years include the emergence of the contrasting combinations. Ladies can afford to combine several bright colors. For example, black and white. Does not lose its popularity and natural style. He’s not only beautiful, but also very convenient. If a girl is in a hurry and has already caused a taxi in Paris, but has not yet shaped her nails, she should select a transparent varnish. He will do the nails beautiful and neat and this will imperceptibly, if in a hurry varnish is applied very carefully.

In addition, often manicure done in a single, fairly neutral shade, and one or two fingernails are painted in bright, contrasting color. Often girls paint each nail in its color. Modern MoA allows such variegated colors.
Какой маникюр сейчас самый модный?3
As to the form of the nail, then here so hedgehog as with color there is no one right decision. To choose the form of need in accordance with their character. Seductive women will suit long, sharp nails. Skromnaja better to give preference to a rounded manicure average long. But the young and not very fashionistas, ready for everything new and bold is better to choose manicure very short long. Such that the nail did not go beyond the finger. This can be used as a bed shades and brightest, including almost black shades. It would be quite appropriate. As for the combination of colors manicure with clothes, there is no need to keep a clear relationship. Because modern fashion allows any chaotic combinations!

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