The wedding is one of the most memorable events in the life of every woman. On this day, everything should be fine, especially manicure. After all, without exception, all photographers shoot close-up of episodes in which the girl puts his painting and exchanged rings with the groom. For these pictures were beautiful the bride must be well-groomed hands and correct manicure.
Какой маникюр подобрать к свадьбе?3
Manicure bride in the first place should be in harmony with her makeup. Every girl should know that cosmetics wholesale in Volgograd has good qualities and is suitable for any holiday. Wedding dress and accessories must also be taken into account when selecting a manicure.
The color of the wedding manicure must be the embodiment of purity and tenderness. These colors include white, beige, pink, and all other bright and delicate shades.

If, during the ordinary days rhinestones, items lace and decorative sand look at the nails somewhat ridiculous, wedding day they could not be better enhance the personality of the bride and give it special originality.

Nail form is also important for the bride. She should be familiar and comfortable, but at the same time eye-catching. Romantic image correspond rounded or oval, tender forms, and bold way daring beauty ideal acute and long.
For wedding manicure nails best to increase as natural nails are more likely to break down and worse kept decorative elements.
Какой маникюр подобрать к свадьбе?2
Wedding manicure should be beautiful and elegant, and most importantly, to emphasize the image of the bride and reflect her inner world. It should be a smooth continuation of her dress and hairstyles, and look great at the wedding photos with rings and bouquet.

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