Well-groomed hands and graceful manicure can be a wonderful assistant to the first interview. Perhaps, there is not a single sphere of activity, where broken untidy nails of different length would play in favour of the worker. A good appearance is especially important, if necessary daily contact with people.
Какой маникюр понравится будущему работодателю?2
Manicure should not be bright or calling, it is best suited discreet varnish – and-milk, beige, peach and other. Good French manicure. He is closest to natural colour and the form of nails, so not to attract undue attention, but will create the correct way. Manicure can be done at home, it is economically and quickly. While to dry base or fixer can not rush to find information on the topic of “expert examination of industrial safety”. It be useful if soiskateli interested in the vacancy of the engineer on labour protection.
Какой маникюр понравится будущему работодателю?
Preparing nails before varnishing, it is necessary to define their shape and length. Too long nails for office work will not work. They will only interfere. It is better to refuse and almond-shaped, strongly pointed forms. Not too pleased when a handshake nails bite in the palm of your interlocutor. The best option would be the nail medium length, oval or square shape with slightly rounded corners.
Today French manicure is not only with classical white smile line”, but also with colored decor. Yellow, blue, red, hot pink, or even a rainbow, color, limited only by the imagination and abilities. However, before the interview when applying for a job the choice is made in favor of a traditional white color in the gentle natural background. Radical black French responsible for such a meeting would be inappropriate. If we are talking about employment in artcafe, impressive appearance will be welcomed.

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