Most girls do pedicure at home. How it will be effective depends on the means of achieving the result. Of course, it is better to turn to professionals, but frequent trips to the salon will bring a lot of cost. In doing this procedure at home, you should keep to the basic rules and recommendations of specialists. Additionally, you must avoid the mistakes that often make girls doing the pedicure itself.
Каких ошибок следует избегать, делая педикюр?2
Initially, you may get the perfect result, but he still has a long run. The first common mistake is the use for steaming water with a high temperature. In this case, the skin will begin to climb the pieces, or worse, will burn. It is better to keep the foot in the water about 30 degrees.
Каких ошибок следует избегать, делая педикюр?3
Increasingly, people construct their homes, making quality repairs in the apartment. In the process of its implementation will need to buy hinges for doorsthat will last for a long period of time. Good components will help to keep heat in the house that have a positive impact on human health and comfort.
Каких ошибок следует избегать, делая педикюр?
Creating the perfect pedicure at home, it is worth remembering that the pop corn cannot be cut with scissors or razor. This action can lead to such dire consequences, as blood poisoning. There is no need to use fixtures, except scraper, natural pumice stone or scrub. It is also forbidden to cut the cuticle. It needs to move with the help of a special wand. Cut the cuticle will quickly grow, and in the process of its elimination can be hurt. The corners of the nail to remove it is impossible, because you may receive the problem of their incarceration. These rules are quite simple and will help the girls to avoid mistakes in performing pedicures, making it unique.

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