белковый коктейль Fito Slim Balance

The manufacturer of a new product for weight loss says cocktail Fito Slim Balance is a valuable tool in the fight against excess weight, and this protein drink is not only useful, but also a delicious tool, which practically has no contraindications and safety has been proven in clinical trials. How can we believe advertising slogans and whether or not it is the panacea, the appearance of which had waited so long for the lazy and weak-willed losing weight?

That is part of the cocktail Fito Slim Balance and how does it work?

As a complete source of protein, a cocktail with regular use helps to reduce the consumption of carbohydrates, gently and smoothly helping you move to a more low-calorie diet. In addition, as part Fito Slim Balance is a unique complex of essential vitamins, minerals and maltodextrin. This is a simple carbohydrate, which is often used as a thickener in baby food as more allergens component, rather than starch. In addition, its pleasant sweet taste allows purely on a psychological level, to accept the limitation or denial from eating candy.

Ingredients Herbal slim Balance collectively contribute not only to the natural saturation and blunting hunger, but also to normalize the metabolism, improving the motility of the gastrointestinal tract, the excretion of toxins through the bowel, the activation of the immune strength of the body. The manufacturer has positioned their product as 100 % natural, based on whey protein and there is absolutely no dyes, flavorings, GMOs, sugar, and chemical additives that could cause allergic reactions and other side effects.

Before using protein cocktail forget about such private contraindications individual hypersensitivity to the components (including celiac disease – congenital gluten intolerance).

Instructions for use

One of the main advantages of cocktail Fito Slim Balance is that due to its balanced composition and protein-based drink can be used as a full, nutritious and hearty meal. The manufacturer recommends using their product as a Breakfast, because in the morning so it is difficult to force myself to eat something substantial, and protein ready meals you can prepare in just 1 minute. To get a delicious Breakfast, just enough to dissolve 2-3 tablespoons of the powder in warm water, milk or your favorite juice and beat with a hand blender. For taste, you can add diet syrup fructose or slices of fresh fruit.

For those who are in the evenings suffers from increased appetite and cannot go to sleep without having to chew something delicious, nutritionists strongly recommend to go for food, rich in protein that creates the necessary sense of satiety. For this fit, not only the portion of cheese (not every slimming with delight perceives a similar product), and drink Herbal slim Balance”. Prepare a cocktail on the basis of grapefruit juice with pulp, and You yourself will feel all the synergistic effect of both components.

Where to buy and at what price?

Fito Slim Balance is not a drug, so is freely available. You can buy a drink at the drugstores and online stores that sell products for weight loss and health. Recently, the cocktail has arrived on the shelves of real and virtual stores of sports nutrition. However, if you want to buy a really products of original production, and at the best price (about 1000 rubles), there is a sense to ask for it on the brand’s website.

To Order Fito Slim Balance


Marina, 27 years. Recently decided to seriously engage in bringing your body into shape. Not that I haven obesity, but to catch up in all problem areas (tummy, buttocks, thighs) would not hurt. Girlfriend fitness recommended to drink a cocktail Fito Slim Balance, because at first after evening workouts I really came Frank Jordan. The drink helped me a lot, and it’s very tasty, especially with orange juice.

Jeanne, 32 years. Couldn’t agree with capital truths nutritionists that Breakfast should be the most nutritious and dinner, it is best to give the enemy”. And the idea of protein cocktails in itself very useful. Protein meal causes digestion to work perfectly nourishes and prevents excessive fat deposited, because this drink them simply no. Product “Herbal slim Balance” is not innovation, I tried a similar line of “Herbalife” and “Lazinica”. I can say one thing – it works. Another thing is that protein consumed should have “exit”, and then you need to work tirelessly to themselves, to do sports. It is an excellent remedy for excess weight only for active girls. If you are – feel free to purchase.

Katerina, 30 years. Started drinking a protein smoothie for weight loss right “off the bat”, that is, replaced them and breakfasts and dinners. Weight went very well – even after the first week of taking it I dropped to 3.5 kg. even without any physical exertion. The feeling of satiety after a drink helped not to look at the sweets and snacks. But in the second week began constipation. The girlfriend said that she too such was, she just introduced in the diet of more fresh fruits and vegetables and all is normalized. I also received a few days polucilasi, and stool disappeared.


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