The bride at the wedding should be the most beautiful, so it should be thought over to trifles. That is why all brides pick up a lot of time wedding dresses, accessories, hairstyles, makeup, and other details. The bride cannot be left without attention and your hands. Wedding manicure should be carefully thought out.

Каким должен быть идеальный свадебный маникюр

Creating the image of a wedding, it is better to refuse from massive long nails. If the bride has decided to increase the nails for the wedding, but does it for the first time, it is better to visit master in advance. Some days you get used to manicure and not to damage the nail on the celebration.

свадебный маникюр 3

As for the nail design for a wedding, then you can definitely say that this design should be relevant. You can stay on the classic French manicure or do on your nails painted, decorated acrylic modeling. As for the color, it is best to combine white color with shades of beige, cream, pink, silver, gold. If the bride has a bright accent, for example, red belt on her dress, the tone manicure you can match the color of the element.

свадебный маникюр

Interesting option manicure for the bride can become classic French, which goes well with acrylic modeling. Modeling can depict those flowers that are in the bride’s bouquet. It is worth remembering that modeling should be done only on a few nails. Acrylic moulding on each nail will look too big and would not add to the image of elegance.

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Now to decorate nails are used by many accessories, such as rhinestones, beads, sparkles, and much more. If your wedding manicure present rhinestones, they must be chosen in accordance with the tone of jewelry and gems, which is embroidered dress.

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Do not abuse the stones. They should only elegantly complement manicure. It will be enough to decorate a few nails to two or three strazikami.

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Wedding manicure is an integral part of the image of each bride, so you should think carefully about how to be decorated with nails girls on their own marriage.

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