Artificial nails in our days it is hardly surprising anyone. However, despite all its advantages, this service is gradually losing relevance. Now replace acrylic and gel nail extensions in Tver came another service – varnish shellac. This normal at first glance, the nail Polish has a special formula which solidification takes place only in the rays of ultraviolet light.
Что выбрать: наращивание ногтей или покрытие шеллак5
All devices for this procedure can be bought in specialized shops. Due to the wide range of craftsmen are many opportunities for creative works
Что выбрать: наращивание ногтей или покрытие шеллак4
So widespread coverage shellac received, thanks to its advantages.
Что выбрать: наращивание ногтей или покрытие шеллак2
– Natural look. Many women give preference for it, because the end result is virtually no different from the usual lacquer.
– Lasting effect. Kept this cover for about 3 weeks, giving the hands neat and well-groomed appearance. Visit the wizard gently in the process of nail growth.
– The speed of the procedure. Compared with the procedure of building, which requires 2-4 hours of work, covering the shellac will be ready in 20 to 40 minutes depending on the complexity of the work.
– Strengthening natural nails. In addition to the aesthetic effect of the coating produces a natural fortress of the nail, as it protects the nail surface from the negative impact of the environment.
Что выбрать: наращивание ногтей или покрытие шеллак
– Does not harm. Shellac does not contain aggressive components, is able to adversely affect human health.
– Wide color palette. The manufacturers have taken care of the production of a large number of shades, which, inter alia, can be successfully combined in manicure, making it unique.

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