The main reason for splitting nails is lack of vitamins in the body. Typically, the separation of the nails is seen in winter and spring, when the sun is small, the leaves on the trees are not yet blossomed, and to get fresh quality vegetables and fruits hard as ever.
Что делать, если слоятся ногти2
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How to deal with stratification

First of all, you must make sure that there are no shortage of necessary nails vitamins a and E. it is Better not to use drugstore vitamins and supplements, and to turn to natural products: first, it’s safer second – digested vitamins so much faster.
Vitamin E is found in nuts, milk, cereal, etc. most of the vitamin a in a creamy meat.
Nail Polish is also useful iodine, calcium, silicon. Iodine, as everyone knows, is contained in seafood; calcium usually consume together with dairy products. Silicon is inextricably linked with the cellulose-containing products; black bread, oatmeal, etc.
Что делать, если слоятся ногти3

Other ways

To consume the vitamins the body is able not only inside but also outside. It is good to RUB into your nails with olive oil, use salt baths (with ocean or sea salt dissolved in warm water).
There are also chemical means (although they are not officially medicines). For example, you can strengthen your nails if you use lacquer base containing calcium.

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