If you are tired, overworked, you get stuck or you just sad, bath – this is exactly what you need. In the bath you can relax and at the same time to wash the dirt from the body and clear your thoughts. But the hike in the bath is no laughing matter. It is necessary to thoroughly prepare that would get real pleasure from bathing procedures.
Что взять с собою в баню2
Coryphaeus «bath» science empty-handed to the bath will not go. So let’s take example from them and also get ready for the bath. And advice for beginners – you know, that in the bath decided to go naked, so Bathrobe easy will be the salvation for particularly shy comrades. Let us now begin our fees.

1. Once the direct appointment of a bath – cleaning, therefore, take personal hygiene products (soap, shampoo, a bast). Lovers of cleansing procedures it would be nice to take a pre-prepared scrubs and masks that can be grate not only the face, but all the body. Their effect in the bath will be much stronger, because the skin of being completely steamed out, will be like a sponge, absorbing all the nutrients that are masked.

2. What a bath can be without a broom! Bound by his hands from fresh birch or oak twigs broom would be an instrument in the struggle with your fatigue and malaise. Do not worry if you happen to stock up a broom, a public bath complexes you can always buy it.

3. There is a required attribute for a bath is a felt hat. Without it, in any case not be in the steam room in order to avoid thermal shock. In addition to his hat, grab a sheet on which you sit or lie down, and someone can just her bundle up.
Что взять с собою в баню3
4. Good warm up, washed ourselves, take a cold shower, it is time to get dressed, so make sure to take extra clothes and a towel.

5. When you clean and relaxed already have a rest in the rest-room, it’s time to enjoy herbal tea, taken with a thermos.

As you can see, all is very simple and clear. Take the «bath» set of necessary things and forward – health!

Article publication date: October 27, 2013

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