с чем носить длинный пиджакA long jacket is an essential piece of clothing for every season and style, both business and romantic. Everything else depends on that, than to wear a long coat – this part of the wardrobe can be a huge number of combinations, completely on each other are not similar. Thanks to the combination of classic, feminine and at the same time strict style, long jacket is an essential item of a woman’s wardrobe that can fit in any style.


With leggings

Skinny leg leggings pants will always make the perfect match long jacket, especially double-breasted. If you have slender legs, do not have to wear a mini, you can do leggings. It is important to choose the right shade of trousers and a jacket, but it’s especially important to get the right mix of prints. In the summer of actual leggings with prints that looks great monochromatic light jacket. If you choose a jacket with a pattern, then leggings should be concise.

Leather leggings with a long jacket is also possible, but then the fabric should be smooth, without patterns, mostly dark and monochromatic. Classics of the genre – dark-blue jacket with gold buttons.

Under such combinations are always great loafers or ballet flats, and pumps with heels or shoes wedge and platform. If you choose style black total look, you can make the shoes vivid focus of the image, for example, by wearing ballet flats or loafers floral or leopard print.


With jeans

Long jacket always looks great with jeans as with tight slim models and spacious and baggy boyfriend jeans. Usually, if you decided to wear cropped jeans, the style of the jacket and the shoes had to build the style to which you aspire. If you try to create a relaxed style smart casual, then the best choice would be court shoes with pointed toe and simply dark blue or gray jacket in combination with men’s solid color (white or colored) shirt.

For those who want to make jeans a part of a more relaxed and even rowdy style, you should choose either a spacious baggy jacket, closer to the image of the coat XXL, or to focus on what is worn under the jacket, and, of course, shoes. Under the jacket, you can wear a floral or white translucent tunic wide cut, and legs – heavy sandals in the style color blocking or leather ankle boots with fringe.


With a mini-dress

Short dress in modern fashion is not the same model, which allows you to show your beautiful legs, and, above all, the clothes in retro style. Particularly relevant mini dress in the style of the sixties, as fitted, and absolutely straight and trapezoidal. Long jacket in a couple to this dress not only complements the way he allows the girl to look and feel more confident. The jacket can be both shorter and longer dresses.

The first stylish option – direct monochromatic light mini dress with straight clean lines. It goes well with classic shoes, as with boats, and English boots. The second option – plain or patterned dress (with printed floral pattern), at the waist intercepted thin leather strap in combination with black, dark blue or dark shade khaki jacket. Shoes for this kit – Roman sandals (gladiators), loafers, ankle boots with a wide area of the ankle.


Business, summer or knitted dress

Sheath dress and long jacket can create a beautiful and concise business image. The easiest way is combined in tone or contrasting classic dress case adjacent silhouette with a fitted jacket.

If you like the style you think is boring, you can replace the LBD of dense costume fabric on a thin Jersey. The jacket in this case will not allow you to become overly relaxed and casual, somewhat restricting. To complement the severity of style, you can either pointed toes shoes stilettos, or high leather boots to the knee.


With shorts and breeches

Gone are the days when a jacket with shorts seemed to be a combination of strange and fanciful, because the images from the catwalk and celebrity stylists regularly prove how style might look like this combination. Long jacket perfectly blends together with mini-shorts, and elegant breeches, making the image less relaxed and casual. If the dress code allows, a long jacket with a shirt or blouse complete with shorts and breeches can easily be worn to the office, complementing the image of boats on a stable heel.

Summer vacation the way with a long jacket and shorts – a great alternative to dresses and skirts, if the color scheme of the costume is bright and truly summer. In this case, the jacket with shorts easily worn with Roman sandals or plain Vietnamese.

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