This is not the first season long skirt in the floor – one of the most popular items summer wardrobe. This skirt is in almost every girl. Its popularity is due to femininity, convenience, comfort and the ability to hide some of the shortcomings of the shape.

To date, the designers have created many styles of skirts: they can be with cuts or pleated, narrow, or free, made of knitted or chiffon, so that each is able to choose the thing to your taste. However, if to be honest, in skirts look best tall and slender women. Else also have a little think about what to wear long skirt to the floor.
С чем носить длинную юбку1
When choosing things remember that it is better to light skirt than skirt tight, for example, made from denim. Easy flowing fabric will make the silhouette of the more elegant and feminine.

Then think what shoes you will wear this thing. If you have short stature, it is best not to wear the skirt with sneakers, perfect shoes or sandals with heels. And, the longer the skirt, the higher should be the heel. Same high girls can afford to wear a long skirt with sandals or ballet flats.
Another rule when choosing shoes – shoes or boots should fit skirt colours.

When you select the top listen to the advice of designers simply follow the principle of contrast. This means that tight skirt to wear with free shirts and blouses, lush long skirt suit tight-fitting t-shirts, shirts and jackets, and a skirt with a slit requires strict top.
С чем носить длинную юбку3
But generally, concerning service – long skirts are easy to combine with shirts, short jackets, shirts and tops, knitted sweaters, and as a stylish accessory can serve as a belt on your waist or on the waist. When it comes to choosing a handbag, it is best to complement the image of a small tote bag shape which give the image of femininity.

Article publication date: November 28, 2013

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