с чем носить укороченные брюкиPants incomplete length are worn for many years and their popularity then subsides, then again returned to their former positions. And then the girls who have never touched this trend, the question arises – what to wear short pants? This model is not as straightforward as it seems at first glance, incomplete length together with the features of the cut and colors can how to make a figure with the best hand, and on the contrary, to emphasize the drawbacks of low growth and other features that you would like to hide.


Attention to the form

Before you pick up the Duo to shortened the pants that you are going to buy, consider whether you need this piece of clothing. Especially should objectively evaluate the possibilities of the figure, and the danger of short pants for her girls with short stature and full figure. With growth below one hundred and sixty centimeters should not be worn straight wide cropped pants, they will make the lower part of the body is square, making you visually squat and erasing all the advantages.

Full girls need to carefully approach the selection of the shorter models. Do not buy pants with a high waist, and pants that are long end wide calf, visually cutting it and drawing attention to the fullness of the legs. Women with curvaceous should stay the course on the choice of models “seven-eighths”, exposing the ankle, but covers the Shin, or direct Capri pants classic, elegant silhouette with a small lapel.


Straight classic cropped pants

If the shape allows you to wear different models of short trousers, elegant and classic models arrow should stay in your closet. They are really versatile, because combined with different styles of clothes and shoes, allowing you to create as feminine, neutral, and extremely fashionable youth images.

с чем носить укороченные брюки Ванесса Хадженс

Vanessa Hudgens

с чем носить укороченные брюки Сандра Буллок

Sandra Bullock

The simple combination of these pants with blouses, jackets, shirts that are suitable for the office and for the image output. An example of the latter showed a Hollywood star Sandra bullock, who wore a straight cropped pants with arrows safe length cobalt color with a feminine top with sleeveless American armhole and transparent fabric on the shoulders of the same color. Sandals Roman style heels added the image of a solemn audacity, and the black belt was the final stroke.

A young American actress Vanessa Hudgens showed a youth wearing style simple white cropped trousers. She wore them with a crop top, exposing the stomach. The trend in youth popular, but dangerous – combination of short pants and a short top can afford only girls with a perfect figure.


Cropped pants slim

Short and tight pants – model, which requires special attention and ideal forms. Any deficiencies of the lower zone will be immediately highlighted, so be sensible, and if your figure is far from the model parameters, choose other pants.

The danger of short pants slim in the fact that they may look too sporty when you want to look feminine or casual style. If you don’t want to look like a fitness trainer, pick up a pair for a shortened pants things are not sporty design.

с чем носить укороченные брюки Хилари Дафф

Hilary Duff

с чем носить укороченные брюки Джессика Альба

Jessica Alba

To avoid embarrassing situations, it is advisable to choose the top a spacious silhouette, covering the lower abdomen, as did actress Hilary Duff. She wore a bright blue skinny to the ankle with a white top. Jessica Alba showed a very bold combination of saturated pink stretch skinny jeans with a black top and a leather vest-leather jacket with metal rivets. Sufficient growth and beautiful shape allow Jessica to wear shoes on a flat course, not referring to the heels.


Wide cropped pants

Spacious straight cropped pants is the perfect summer option for curvaceous girls who can’t afford skinny. Mandatory conditions shall remain fairly high growth and combination of pants with a relaxed, non-wide versions of tops.

с чем носить укороченные брюки Дженнифер Лоуренс

Jennifer Lawrence

с чем носить укороченные брюки Джессика Бил

Jessica Biel

Jennifer Lawrence on one of the Premier put on cropped slacks Dior miniature textured crop top. To “calm down” this bold fashion song, she chose a classic black court shoes. Jessica Biel, from nature with heavy hips, wisely chose bright, spacious cropped pants with a wide belt, and the top put on top and dark blue fitted jacket, covering the buttocks. Ballet flats in this daily package was preferable heels.


Baggy cropped pants

Simple stock with a slightly extended thighs, tapering downwards, expressed or baggy pants incomplete length – model is dangerous and should be chosen with great care. These pants should put on top of an elegant, concise and in no case not the same free and unbridled, of course, if you don’t want to look like a rapper.

The most sensible option combinations of these pants with a classic jacket, concise longsleeve or a simple t-shirt. One of the unusual and at the same time a very good options of wearing cropped baggy pants showed the singer Kylie Minogue, the growth of which only one hundred and fifty-two centimeters. Typically, such miniature ladies wide short trousers contraindicated, but Kylie has chosen the model of the original asymmetric cut length to mid calf. The length of the legs in this set are not lost, and all thanks to the choice of footwear that covers the ankle to the edge of the pants. This example can be considered the standard way of wearing short pants for all low girls.


Cropped pants with high waist

Short pants with high fit – model is stylish, perfect output, but require a good figure, and best couple. In contrast to other variants of short pants when you can wear long tops, blouses and sweaters, a model with a high waist needs the top, which would leave a visible waist, or in the design of these pants makes no sense.

с чем носить укороченные брюки Алессандра Амбросио

Alessandra Ambrosio

с чем носить укороченные брюки Хейли Стенфилд

Haley Stanfield

Elegant, but secular images showed Jessica Alba and Zoe Levin, who wore short pants with a high waist with a plain black and white crop top – Alba with jerseys, Levin – with silk. Magnificent luxury image created Brazilian model Alessandra Ambrosio, who wore a tight black short pants with a simple silk blouse with a second skin effect. Haley Stanfield dare to wear cropped black trousers with high waist-corset almost to his chest and did not regret. The model blends perfectly with a white shirt with a stiff wide sleeves in the style of a Roman tunic.

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