с чем носить джинсовую юбкуJeans are the basic reason subject to any wardrobe – they are very comfortable to wear and they are very versatile. “Relative” jeans, denim skirt, perhaps a little harder into the wardrobe. Denim skirts come in different styles, from negligent worn mini-skirts to more dressy skirts, pencil dark denim knee length. Choosing the right what to wear denim skirt, you’ll make it just as successful article of clothing, like your favorite jeans.


Short denim skirt

To balance the outfit, it is necessary to observe the correct proportions. Wear a denim mini-skirt with a voluminous top or the kind of clothing that fully covers the upper part of the body. Because denim mini skirt greatly opens legs, avoid dress that shows too much, covering the upper part of the body and not wearing shoes with high heels.

To create more careless image select adjacent top with a rounded top, a t-shirt with graphic pattern or adjacent the top zipper hoodie to wear them with denim mini-skirt.

Add to this bright sneakers, shoes-ballet flats or sandals. If you want little to cover legs, wear under the skirt of a pair of leggings. The most successful style of leggings – length just below the knee. To create a more elegant way to wear denim short skirt with a blouse buttoned and fitted blazer. Add to this a pair of boots is the height of the knee flat shoes made of leather or suede that give the image of sophistication.

Avoid wearing a denim mini skirt boots high heels, because each of these two objects attract attention, and if you put them together, you risk looking too openly.


Denim skirt knee length

Denim skirt knee length usually are the most versatile style in this style. The pencil skirt dark denim can even be acceptable as a service in a casual business style. Choose a top with V-neck or round-neck to wear with a denim skirt knee length. Because the skirt of this length covers half of the bottom part of the figure, a pretty open neckline top can visually lengthen the upper part of the figure and make you visually slimmer.

Choose this shoes along with heels which will make legs longer. Shoes, wedges usually look more casual, and dress shoes with narrow toes high heels are better suited to create a more sophisticated look.


Long denim skirt

It may be difficult to wear long denim skirt and not look like a matron. To make the image more stylish, wearing a long denim skirt with attached top and boots with high heels. Choose tops to the hips, because long tops-tunics in combination with a long denim skirt will be too hide the figure. In order to attract attention to the top and break the monotony of the denim, you can wear one top on top of another. For example, wear a fitted top, and the top – open cardigan. Do not wear long denim skirt too sloppy clothing items, such as free t-shirts or white sneakers, otherwise you will look sloppy.


Shoes that can be worn with denim skirts

Denim skirt can be worn both in summer and in autumn. Wear it with sandals or shoes, and then with tights and boots. Select cute mini-skirt in dark worn denim that will fit any situation, or lighter, if you feel very confident. Prefer more dense tissues, because the skirt of denim with a large number of elastin usually look cheap.

Experiment with the length and find out what suits you best. Try a short skirt, decorated with metal or crystals, for parties, or a skirt with a high waist knee length for a more formal situation.


Ballet flats

Dark denim and bright shoes is a great combination, so you can’t go wrong wearing for walking around the city pretty bright ballet flats. If you are bright top, let the shoes will be more dark and invisible.


Beautiful boots

Do not spare money for a good pair of quality boots and wear them with a short denim skirt in early autumn. Let the boots are flat shoes or choose boots on sustainable low heel. Try on boots in the style of “biker chic”. Fashion designers offer to combine denim skirts with boots that look as if you are going to ride, so why not try an image that shows that you love nature? To this add the long sleeve shirt in casual style jacket or a soft cardigan and opaque tights.



Create a lovely summer style, wearing sandals, flat shoes or high heels. Shiny lace-up flat shoes the best way to create the look that says you’re still on holiday, and the heeled sandals will make your legs more beautiful on warm summer evening.



Emphasize the waist, wearing curvy denim skirt in the style of the 1960’s. To put it colorful corset or top in the style of “hippies” and shoes on high heels.


Ankle boots

If you are not averse to experimenting with different styles, try to wear your denim skirt with a fashionable ankle height to ankle. From top to wear asymmetrical or falling from one shoulder top, and his dark blazer.


Sneakers or sneakers

If you have a mood that you feel like a teenager, create the appropriate image, picking up her denim skirt and a pair of cute sneakers. You can wear high Converse sneakers or low sneakers, which combine perfectly with denim clothing of any style. May wear light canvas shoes with a pattern on the rubber soles or light fabric espadrilles rope-soled shoes. Pick this apart a simple top fashionable light shade or with a summer picture.

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