с чем носить жакетыThe jacket is one of the most important things in a woman’s wardrobe. Jackets of different styles worn by women of all professions, ages and sizes. This basic thing has a lot of advantages and useful features, among which the possibility to correct the flaws, if any. The main thing to choose the right style and color. Some recommendations will help you make the right choice and find out what to wear jackets.


How to choose a jacket for type shape “hourglass”

с чем носить жакеты Selena Gomez Duchess Kate

Selena Gomez, Duchess Kate

The dignity of the figure of this type is ideally accentuate good sitting on the shape of the jacket with a thin strap or belt with an emphasis on fine thin waist. The ideal length of the jacket form-fitting silhouette to hips. With this type of shape it is better to avoid models with bulky pockets at the hips, as such details affect the balance of proportions.


Choose a jacket for pear body types

с чем носить жакеты Jessica Alba Winona Ryder

Jessica Alba, Winona Ryder

Representatives of this type of figure is better to choose a good-fitting model, but without too much emphasis on the hips, it is better to divert attention from this zone. Here an extra long jackets, long to mid thigh highlighting the shoulder line, possibly with the pads, shoulder straps and similar items. This jacket must cover the buttocks.


How to choose the perfect jacket for rectangular shapes

с чем носить жакеты Kate Mara Brooklyn Decker

Kate Mara, Brooklyn Decker

To balance the proportions of the figures of this type, it is better to choose feminine extra long jackets with emphasis on the waist area. In this case, the fit of the model in vertical stripes, or with interesting details of the cut, placed vertically. If you are not lucky enough to find such a model, put on the blouse pendant on a long chain. With this type of shape stylists recommend avoiding shortened models and cut with numerous pockets.


How to choose the jacket with the figure of the “inverted triangle”

с чем носить жакеты Nicky Reed Lindsay Lohan

Nicky Reed, Lindsay Lohan

A wide patch pockets at the hips allow you to adjust the proportions of the upper and lower parts of the silhouette. With this type of shape is contraindicated model with volumetric collars and wide shoulder line. Such jackets visually extend the already attention-grabbing line of the breast. The ideal model for the figure of the “inverted triangle” – a shorter jacket length up to the hips, with V-neck or deep oval neckline.


How to choose a jacket for type shape “Apple”

с чем носить жакеты Reese Witherspoon Solange Knowles

Reese Witherspoon, Solange Knowles

The owners of shape “Apple” it is better to choose jackets elongated straight cut. Welcome clear, expressive line of the shoulders, but in this area should avoid excessive volume. Replace double-breasted jackets models, fastened with a single button. With this type of shape it is better to find the model quite free cut in the area of the abdomen, it is not necessary to fit and to emphasize this area. The ideal length – to mid-thigh.


Some more useful tips

с чем носить жакеты Cate Blanchett Kim Kardashian

Cate Blanchett, Kim Kardashian

  • Women who are worried about the extra pounds, you should choose the model of dark colors, elongated silhouette and a vertical bar in this case also will be very useful.
  • Excessive leanness can be adjusted by using the jackets of masculine tailoring with hard stand-up collar.
с чем носить жакеты Olivia Palermo

Olivia Palermo

  • Pick up items by size. Low women should not wear too long jackets, these models visually shorten the leg.
  • If your figure is far from ideal – wide shapeless jackets is not the solution. Such models only focus on the imperfections of shape and not look feminine.
с чем носить жакеты Emma Stone Nicole Richie

Emma Stone, Nicole Richie

  • Jackets with sleeves three quarter decoration in the form of patches and braid, patch pockets and large buttons are more suitable for tall, thin women.
с чем носить жакеты Gwyneth Paltrow Miranda Kerr

Gwyneth Paltrow, Miranda Kerr

  • The color of the fabric in a perfectly selected according to the type of shape the jacket plays a very important role. Fabric light shades visually add a couple of pounds, dark tones, on the contrary, strained and optically pull silhouette.

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