с чем носить джинсы зимойJeans are a versatile piece for both men and women’s wardrobe. In the warm season jeans are worn with shirts, t-shirts, jackets, presenting a variety of new youth classic relaxed casual style. Cold season is not so simple. What to wear jeans in the winter is of concern to many girls who do not dare to wear your favorite denim trousers with bulky clothes and layered outfits.


Rules of combination of jeans in winter clothes

Jeans don’t seem to know no boundaries in terms of combining with things in different styles, and with each new season range of possible combinations is expanding. Why some seem a daunting task to find the right company favorite jeans – clear.

In the cold season, especially when it comes to frosty winter, all the clothing that was worn in the summer free, now have to combine with outerwear that with jeans can be from different categories. How relevant is the combination of jeans in the style of boyfriend with a classic coat cashmere camel shade? Some would say that this is totally unacceptable, but is not quite right.

Young ladies, who in the course of oscillations street style world capitals, osvedomleny that nothing is impossible does not happen. If you have enough courage to not be afraid to experiment with their outfits, combining incongruous, even baggy jeans you can easily wear with long feminine coat. If the internal freedom for such a fashionable rebellion individuality against stagnation you don’t feel you have to follow a simple and straightforward rule of literacy and relevance of combinations.

To feel confident in jeans with a long sheepskin coat, a fur coat or coat is to choose for the winter pair that will easily fit into new climatic realities fashion.

That is, boyfriend jeans, which you summer wore with a large t-shirt Marseille, in the winter should step down and give way to a model straight silhouette without the extreme degree of disorder in the form of holes and abrasions.

It is unlikely that you will buy clothes under jeans, so much easier to buy a pair of jeans under a suitable coat.


Options top for jeans in the winter

In winter, many girls prefer to abandon strict silhouettes clothing, even within the office dress code. To replace the jackets and blouses come comfortable knitted sweaters and sweatshirts.

Longsleeve print – perfect top for jeans. Longsleeves give the image of the charm of modern style and allow you to feel in the thick of the fashion trends. It can be thin, on the basis of cotton and insulated, with the addition of wool and viscose, acrylic, polyester to ensure durability. Youth Longsleeves with fun prints or patterns from fine cotton in a cage, striped or solid, look great with jeans style boyfriend, baggy and torn, and concise neat and straight silhouette.

Suitsat is another option for a suitable top for the winter kit with jeans. It will be appreciated girls with a flair for sports style. Suitsat with jeans can be worn not only by teenagers – these hoodies do not necessarily have the hood. Suitsat can be a full replacement to longsleve, differing from him only more dense tissue, but also with original prints with slogans, drawings, images of your favorite characters. Suitsat because of the way the cut is better to combine with straight, narrow or tight jeans, avoiding the image of street Neformal.

Long knitted cardigan or knitted sweater with round or V-shaped throat is suitable to jeans of any style. This top will choose girls who are prone to the classic style without trying to make your image of youth and trendy. Adjacent to the shape of the sweater with three-dimensional viscous fit slim girls, while spacious cardigan with deep V-neck and throat small buttons will flatter the figure stout ladies, hiding all the flaws.

And the cardigan and sweater without buttons look great with informal paternity jeans, baggy models, cropped or layered, torn, frankly sloppy. But in winter these sets are difficult to reconcile with classic feminine coat below the knee. Options clothing: jacket-Aviator sheepskin, leather insulated jackets, coats dufflecoat.

Coat the balloon knee looks great with jeans, but such a design is the best fit not baggy, straight or skinny models.


Shoes for jeans in the winter

As a Shoe for jeans in the winter suit army boots, boots-pipe, high cowboy boots. Accentuate the graceful ankle cropped jeans boots with a wide top. One of the most popular ways of wearing jeans with shoes accentuated sloppiness last due to the wide shirred, if worn the top. Such boots and ankle boots look great with any jeans in addition to flared.

The preferred flat sole or a small heel in any shoes in the winter. Bosonozhki, which was a company jeans in summer and spring, winter give way to comfortable boots or ankle boots lace-up with a small platform or wedge for those who need to seem higher.

Ugg boots and fur boots with fur need skinny jeans.

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