с чем носить кожаную курткуLeather jacket is such a common part of women’s wardrobe, it seems like it can be worn with anything. On the one hand, this is true because you will find few of things it is not capable to combine. On the other hand, there will always be more and less advantageous fashion combinations that are good to keep in mind. What to wear leather jacket to emphasize the dignity of the garment and not make it another established banality?

Leather jacket have in the wardrobe for many women. Most likely, this iconic leather jackets, but there are other options – short jacket on direct lightning, similar in design to the classic coat, close-fitting jackets a jacket, extra-large model on the buttons – there are many options and everyone has their sensible fashion combination.

In order to properly combine the jacket of leather, you have to decide what kind of style you wish to create. You can play on the canonical image of a stylish leather jacket, which makes it a favorite thing rock musicians, bikers, placing in the scope of brutal rock style. Another option is to connect it with things that are contrasting to her destination, e.g., with dresses and skirts with feminine prints and flowing silhouettes.


With leggings

Slender female form – a reason to wear tight-pants-leggings that with a leather jacket look very traditional. They do not have to be tight as leggings for aerobics, modern leggings cropped length to the ankles can be close to the classic women’s pants. Try to balance the image of leggings with designer leather jacket: the safest option when the degree of fit of the pants is inversely proportional to the length of the jacket. If you want to create a relaxed grunge style, choose the bottom top length of the jacket.

Under the jacket – shirt, a simple top, the legs can be ballerinas, stilettos, loafers, ankle boots , open toed or frills boot, army boots with laces. The image is complemented by a hat-fedoras, bright knitted scarf or a large handkerchief on his neck in the Russian style with a floral print, carelessly tied around the neck.


With jeans

In the course are all the same principles combine that with dark leggings, with the only difference that blue jeans make way more relaxed and casual, while black leggings look more brutal and Gothic.

Leather jacket with jeans slim looks more glamorous, and have the opportunity to pay attention to the accessories – shoes, bag, scarf. Jacket-leather jackets with metal fittings, rivets and zippers, looks good in combination with tight blue jeans and a beautiful feminine ankle boots stilettos, or wedges, for example, made of suede or with decorative lacing. You can combine images jackets and shoes, choosing ankle boots with bartacks and lightning in military style.

Choosing quiet design leather jacket with a fitted silhouette you create, and more refined style. Under his jacket then good fit blouse or vest, feet pointed toes pumps or ankle boots with eye-catching decorative trim, for example, a metallic plated, inlaid with rhinestones, fringe.


With shorts

Shorts and leather jacket made for each other – shorts in this context, perfect for almost any. Denim shorts with a leather jacket will forgive casual top with printed under her leather shorts require a neutral top or soft print. If you are afraid to create a jacket and shorts hypersexual image, try to neutralize it using plain or feminine details, such as blouses in retro style or sweater of fine knitwear neutral shade. Avoid shoes with heels, wear sandals, gladiators, loafers, flat ankle boots, army boots on a small platform.


With dress-case

A simple solid color sheath dress, for example, the classic little black dress or another of the same dark hue, will Shine anew complete with a leather jacket. The way you can leave the feminine, wearing under his stilettos or summer sandals with straps, or closer to the brutal rock style, complementing the ankle boots with ruched boot or a suede boots muted shade.


With a knitted dress

Dress is crafted from heavy-weight knit miraculously looks complete with a leather jacket. This combination allows the Jersey to become less a home and more daring, at the same time, several calming image of leather jackets. With a knitted dress knee length leather jacket from top to wear court shoes at steady heel, loafers, shoes with laces, shoes-converse or sneakers wedge.


With a chiffon dress or skirt

Thin flying chiffon able to become beautiful and unexpected companion rough leather jackets. The undeniable advantage of this way is that you can add style to any character, stopping him for a romantic or pulling up rock style, as well as giving it a universal everyday life in late autumn, in combination with three-dimensional knitted scarf.

With a short dress or skirt and jacket from leather you can without embarrassment to wear high boots or even boots, army boots with lacing. Long chiffon dress or skirt with the leather jacket looks great with flat sandals Roman style, Vietnamese, sneakers.


Leather total look – is it possible

Is it possible to combine leather jacket with other leather items, for example, pants, dress or skirt-mini. It is possible, but very delicately. If you don’t want to look like Catwoman, sheath dress leather best leather jackets not to wear, but the pants or skirt with a jacket of the same material wear can, if visually separate these things a part from contrasting them with fabric – knitted sweater, cotton longsleeve in combination with voluminous scarf, falling on his chest. Shoes try to find non-aggressive, without studs and it is better than leather, at least, not varnished. Ideal textile loafers.

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