с чем носить лоферыLoafers – comfortable shoes that pushed rapidly go out of fashion flat ballet flats and settled somewhere between male and female style. The severity and indulgence fashion trends, coupled with the convenience of doing loafers one of the most necessary items of footwear for women of any age, especially in deniston. What to wear loafers – the question is not so much fashionable-rhetorical as an individual.

In the company of these comfortable shoes you can find completely different fashions and accessories that will allow you to create your own recognizable image. Loafers can be leather or textile, minimalist and bright decorative elements, feminine and definitely unisex – black, lacquered, with small, square heel. As you are adapting this Shoe for yourself, depends on your own imagination. The main thing is to build the image and not go beyond it.


Shoes for spring and autumn

Loafer is a closed model of shoes, therefore they are best suited for creating a stylish image for spring and autumn, when not too hot, and they must not give way to more open bosonozhki. The advantage of loafers for demi images that they do not allow you to bind the image to the weather or a particular style, as, for example, do open Roman sandals or summer flip flops-flip flops.

Loafers are perfectly combined with outerwear and sets without it, sweaters and cardigans, dresses with open. Otherwise for good combinations need to push off from the style, which you stick in everyday life or are trying to create for a specific case.


Everyday images with loafers and pants

For girls who have large hips and prefer in everyday life to hide this feature, the most suitable not flat loafers and heels, especially if the growth is not very high. These loafers dark colors, patent leather or suede, combined with universal black trousers adjacent silhouette length of seven-eighths. They can be an arrow or straight, smooth, and most importantly, they cut should not be hard and deliberately business.

On top of that the most optimal service for overweight women will be either long knitted cardigan necessarily deep V-neck or long, covering the buttocks double-breasted jacket dark blue color. Under the cardigan, you can wear a simple plain top or t-shirt with print. Jacket size plus size preferably shortened or slightly tucked sleeves, make the figure more graceful. Under it the perfect neutral colored top or striped longsleeve.


Loafers and jeans

Jeans and loafers seem to take for granted the fashionable set, and in fact, this shoes is perfectly combined with pants of denim classic blue color. If the mask does not need anything, then the best way to wear loafers with jeans – a combination of flat models-minimalist design or printed jeans and slim-style or boyfriend. Beautiful legs well to emphasize tight jeans shortened length, they are ideal leopard loafers, models with spikes or a fun print or label.

Loafers catchy design can make a company a cosy autumn image with jeans or leggings and a long sweater thick textured knit in the Irish style. To such good bulk bag tote or minimalist bag-messenger over the shoulder. Loafers can be smooth or fringed, the best on a flat or slightly thickened soles and rounded the Cape.


Loafers and pants

Wide straight cropped pants can be too great to create stylish images with loafers. Given that this model of pants together with shoes to go flat or low heels, can visually do a squat figure, shortening the growth, it is not necessary to wear such a combination of parts low girls.

Under loafer with classic design and dark color with wide, straight trousers, revealing the ankle, it is preferable to locate the adjacent version of the top – jackets, Longsleeves and sweaters not distracting the attention.


Loafers with shorts and mini-skirts

In the summer, to replace the closing leg models come short versions of bottom – shorts and mini-skirts, which combine perfectly with the loafers. Good manners are a reminder that with mini-options for lower body high heels contraindicated. If ballet flats seem artless and shoes and sneakers are inappropriate, loafers flat shoes or low heels is the best fit.

Wear loafers with shorts and mini-skirt, top, putting on a moderately long Irish sweater, longsleeve print or label, a simple top and a fitted or straight double-breasted jacket, a white man-tailored shirt or a feminine blouse with a small frill or tie, reminiscent of the style of the early twentieth century, with small sleeves.


Loafers with dresses

Can I wear loafers with a dress – will this footwear to seem rude and contrary to feminine style, which creates a dress-Maxi or retro mini? Of course not, because in fashion long game of contrasts, a stylish combination of male and female, gentleness and brutality, brightness and pastels.

For casual style, you can choose the combination of comfortable loafers with checkered dress shirt length above the knee. Amazing young girls look loafers with dresses retro – fitted models with a fluffy skirt, long or short sleeves, plain or with printed floral pattern. Will add the image handbag-reticule over his shoulder on a long handle.

Elegant sheath pouch that can be worn under casual, and office style can also be worn with loafers. Moreover, in business style loafers save a woman from the inconvenience of thin rods, which many not to their liking. In order not to go beyond the dress code and to hold the image of a professional, choose loafers, which by design is the closest to the classic laconic lodocka have a small heel and not calling decor.

Long dresses and skirts can also be combined with loafers, but then their choice is somewhat unnecessary, because under the skirt to the floor, the shoes are hard to see while on stylish loafers often want to pay attention. The best choice for combining with loafers will be a MIDI-length to mid-calf or just below – exposing the ankle is exactly the same as doing it taken loafers cropped leggings or skinny jeans.

The image with loafers and a skirt or dress-MIDI dangerous because of the young girl can make a woman if the wrong choice of top. Refrain from knitted jackets and blouses with ruffles, wear youth longsleeve, simple, smooth top with print, leather jackets. If you want to create an image in the style of boho-chic, wear a colorful skirt or dress, and on top vest faux fur with ethnic decorations.

Don’t forget that loafers can be combined and secular images, then half of the success lies in choosing the right model. You can buy loafers with metallic gold or silver glow and sharp Cape – they easily fit in the output style or create it yourself, complementing black total look as evening suit or little black dress.

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