с чем носить мокасиныLoafers are comfortable and beautiful shoes flat shoes that just need to relax and comfort. It is no secret that moccasins do not lose their popularity. Many brands and designers now offer clothing and shoes in men’s style. What to wear moccasins? Moccasins not only make walking more comfortable, provide to the feet comfort and warmth, but also help you create trendy and elegant way. They can be worn with everyday clothes style or walk them home.

Loafers – perfect shoes at a time when shoes too cold, and boots still too warm.


Selecting moccasins

Many moccasins do not have hard soles, they are not meant to walk in them on the street. Usually moccasins made of five different materials: suede, cowhide, sheep, deer and elk skin. Moccasins come with leather laces, which help them to sit tight on the leg.

There are moccasins with fur. These loafers will look great with turquoise checkered shirt, light blue jeans, brown biker jacket and round sunglasses with blue lenses. There are loafers with rubber soles that will suit to wear an informal style. Moccasins shoes, as the shoes look very nice and perfect for a more formal style.

Wear loafers with blue jeans, sports pants, khaki pants or other clothes in casual style. Try not to wear soft moccasins dusty or rocky terrain. Moccasins with soles are thin and flexible, so you can walk on stones in them will be uncomfortable. So the leather last longer, keep the boat clean. Wear moccasins in the home, where you don’t need a close and strong shoes, if you want to look aesthetically pleasing.

Moccasins can be worn in an informal setting, for example, on a picnic, go to them in movies or on some sort of informal meeting. Pay attention to the weather and do not wear loafers, if rain is expected. Leather shoes, usually lasts longer if you keep it clean and dry. If the moccasins were wet, as soon as possible dry them with a soft cloth. When you wear loafers, wear cotton socks so that the skin did not get wet from sweat and to shoes and feet had no unpleasant odor. If you wear loafers without socks, use talc for feet.


Various images

Women’s moccasins are very comfortable and versatile. You can find moccasins different shapes and colors, and the convenience plays a crucial role in selecting the appropriate pair. The best in these shoes that they will fit almost any outfit because moccasins come in different styles. For example, elegant leather loafers black, chocolate or darkblue can be worn to the office, and more informal option would be loafers with gold accessories or bold colors: red, green, yellow. You can wear beige or light brown loafers, short skirt pleated, pale pink pullover with cream pattern, and the top – denim jacket.

If you want to choose comfortable clothes for daily socks, try to wear moccasins smooth flat shoes that look stylish and at the same time so comfortable that they can drive a car. These shoes can be worn with different clothes. For example, with these moccasins can be worn dress shirt with collar, Navy blue biker jacket and leather fingerless gloves.

On Friday at work, you can dress more playful than the other days. Wear with black loafers black dress with white polka dots strapless, above – knitted cardigan, pick expressive jewelry to be head after work to go to the party. Loafers can be worn with clothes in a Maritime style: white t-shirt in dark blue stripes, ripped jeans and a straw hat-Frank.

For official meetings, you can wear the dress color green mint, a few accessories, in which there are lemon-green shades, and sunglasses-aviators mirrored lenses. If the street is pretty cool, from the top you can wear a white blazer. You can always wear a pale blue moccasins, striped dress with a slinky top and a lush bottom, denim jacket and beautiful earrings.

Women’s moccasins you can go to almost any outfit. They can be worn with skinny jeans, loose pants-khaki, as well as with skirts and pantsuits.

There are many shoes of different styles and colors, including bright and creative, including bold orange, yellow and red. If you want to create a fresh informal way, wear these moccasins with skirt pleated or comfortable pants. Women who want to look more glamorous, you can choose moccasins grey, black, brown or tan and wear them with skinny jeans or leggings. If you want something more daring, why not try to wear with loafers clothes with bold, attention-grabbing patterns.

To create a feminine and at the same time casual look, wear moccasins-loafersthat you can wear with a slightly flared jeans, instead of shoes-the ballerina. Add to this plaid shirt and a jacket in military style, decorated with fur to keep you warm windy evening.

If you are tired of ordinary everyday shoes, try wearing moccasins, wedges. They fit in an informal style, but at the same time will make you taller. Wear them with tight jeans and a loose sweater. Complete your look by wearing a pendant on a long chain. You can wear loafers with a denim mini skirt and a Polo shirt or plaid shirt buttoned.

Wear brown loafers with loose jeans and a white vest and a brown belt to match the moccasins. From top to wear brown leather jacket. Can be worn with brown loafers white Polo shirt, tucking it under loose trousers with a beautiful colour and brown leather strap.



  • Protect your moccasins from moisture with a water-repellent cream or spray. This is especially important if you often wear moccasins.
  • Clean moccasins special tool that is suitable for the material from which they are made.
  • Three or four times a year treat moccasins air conditioning for the skin. This will allow them to serve you for a long time.

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