с чем носить юбку-шотландкуPlaid skirt red-black or red-and-white color came back into fashion as other elements of the authentic style, with which you can create images with a strong personality. What to wear plaid skirt depends on the style you adhere to, and design of the skirt. Print tartan, that is the most recognizable cell, characteristic of the Scottish national costume is not all that defines the style of the skirt.

The skirt is Scottish in its original national image appears in a short flared models with wrinkles, which is the main color (red) and secondary (black, green, yellow, blue, purple). But if your goal is to create beautiful, stylish image on the basis of the Scottish print on the skirt, you do not have to strictly adhere to the national colors. Fashion incredibly favorable to the individual adaptations of this or that, once strict and unwavering style.

Currently, many designers include plaid skirt otladka in their collections, and their way farther and farther away from the established centuries of classic plaid. This could not be reflected in the breadth of opportunities the combination of this model skirt, which, depending on its length and colors that can create many different combinations.


Short skirt

Short skirt-plaid is perfect for young slim girls who don’t have anything against images with open legs. Regardless of the color print, the length and degree of fit, plaid above the knee requires a Shoe on a comfortable heel and flat course. Daring to wear a short model-tartan sandals with heels, you can look controversial and not fashionable.


Tight short skirt-plaid

Skirt in a cage above the knee fitted silhouette requires very careful to make the top. Refrain from excessive open tops that expose cleavage, or models with eye-catching prints, that can divert attention from the beautiful skirts, discontinue with her style. If you have the figure and the growth is not supermodels, it is necessary to abandon the crop-tops – models of t-shirts, t-shirts and sweaters with an open belly. You violate the natural proportions of the body, therefore, choosing a short plaid skirt, it is best to stay on top of normal length.

Short plaid skirt looks great simple white shirt in men’s style, better tucked inside. Accessories – carrying bag-the tablet on a long handle, slip-on oxfords. White blouse can be easily replaced by another, but better dim or dark blue, green, grey. Instead of a shirt with this skirt looks great sweater-longsleeve fine cotton, too plain, with a small throat cut. Selecting longslit or suitsat that bring style with a mini plaid sport bling, feel free to wear sleek sneakers-converse light shades.

Simple dark blue or black jacket is remarkably combined with short tight white pants. Wear under it plain t-shirt, leg – comfortable loafer, grab a classic bulk bag tote. In autumn and spring with tight short plaid perfectly combined ankle boots with socks. From top to wear coat XXL, which length can reach up to mid-calf.


Short tartan pleated

Lush flared skirt is a piece of clothing mainly youth clothes. This point is worth considering, trying to pick out the basic model and considering possible with her hand. If you are older than twenty five, it is better to give preference to Scotland a more restrained design.

Short pleated tartan skirt begs the image of obedient girls, Schoolgirls from the English elite schools. This style some time ago found insane popularity, and to recreate it is not difficult.

For young girls short with pleats or simply flared or puffed skirt in a cage the easiest option – a white shirt with a knitted vest or sweater (cardigan with V-neck. ‘s feet, sneakers, oxfords, brogues, loafers. However, it is not necessary to get involved in the reconstruction of textbook images, because you have to strive to create their own individual style.

A good option – plain knit Irish sweater, which is slightly closes the skirt, but not completely hides it. Very good kit for the cool time of the year, then the shoes will fit the high knee leather boots.

For those who don’t want to draw much attention to the upper body, and wants to focus on short lush Scottish, you should pay attention to simple cotton tops, Longsleeves, t-shirts and neutral solid colors. In length they should not overlap the skirt.


Long skirt

Long skirt-plaid is very popular among connoisseurs of street style and extremely fashionable images. If short skirts tartan is the prerogative of youth, long plaid blend perfectly into the style of older women.


Long tight skirt tartan

Typically, designers do not narrow skirt is very long in the floor, otherwise they uncomfortable to move, but skirts that end in the leg region, an incredibly relevant and adaptive. This is a new version of a pencil skirt for those who are tired of the uniformity of black office models.

To create a strict business style, you can wear a long skirt in a cage with a plain shirts or shirts also in a cage. With regard to the combination of the skirt with the top of the cell, if earlier, this combination was considered tasteless, but now it is worn and successfully expand the range of possible models and prints. The cell top and bottom in such a combination must be different in color and size, then the image will be successful.

One of the most feminine versions, implying the inclusion of heterogeneous image prints – the combination of a long plaid classic red color with blouse with small floral print. With MIDI-Scottish wonderfully combined crop top, no matter short or long sleeves. This combination is suitable for simple chic image in the style of Helmut Lang, and will complement the image of the coat-cylinder smooth design.


Long skirt tartan

A long skirt plaid pleated or flared silhouette to wear harder, because it dictates the way, and it is more demanding than others. In this case, as the Shoe will fit high heel shoes, including heels, which is inappropriate short models plaid. As for the top, then it can be opened without fear of overly candid outfit, because the legs are almost fully closed. Wear a t-shirt or top with a large rounded neckline. If you choose a model with long sleeves, it is better to stay at the three-quarter length, in order to make the piece visually sleeker, exposing the wrist.

For those who are afraid in a long plaid look older than his age, there’s a simple tip is to choose a skirt asymmetrical silhouette, model, lush, but not necessarily in the crease. They can be found in the Vivienne Westwood fashion show. With such skirts should wear stylish youth boots, open toed or feminine pumps stilettos.

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