с чем носить юбку солнцеSkirt-sun came to us from the 1950s, and today you can find these skirts in different lengths, different colors and patterns. Skirt-the sun is a versatile and beautiful piece of female clothing. It got its name because of its round shape during nest fabric. Bulk in the hips, it attaches to any body shape hourglass. There are many options with what you can wear a skirt-sun. It is convenient, it is easy to create the outfit of any style and for any situation.

Black skirt-the sun will become a good investment because you can wear it in the warmer months and during the fall and winter. Skirt-the sun is practical and chic. Wear it with a sweater, go to school, or with a short top for summer walks.


Various images

  • The image of Schoolgirls. Wear with skirt-sun top, fastened with buttons, and a sweater with a picture. Get the charm of a schoolgirl. Will complete his socks and boots and accessories will fit large dark glasses and a few rings.
  • Bright. Skirt-Solna will give the wardrobe playfulness and charm. Wear it with a bright top, short jacket and shoes-brogues. This would be the perfect way for a busy day.
  • A rock star. Create a bold girl image, wearing a bright pink skirt-sun. To put it short shirt, a couple of bracelets with rivets and lace-up shoes. If you want to create a contrasting image, put on head pink headband with bow.
  • Neatly. If you want to create more accurate but at the same time fashionable way to wear leather skirt-sun-dark-red color. Let the skirt will be the most striking piece of your outfit: wear it with a gray shirt, a black bowler hat, black bag on the belt, and black boots.
  • Monochromatic ensemble. For fresh image, perfect in the summer, choose a skirt-sun neutral colors. Let the rest of the garments will be of the same color, only other shades. Wear the corset with a small figure in the same colours. Pick up accessories other neutral colors in this outfit you can go to the beach or on a picnic with friends.
  • Classic. Bring along a classic look, wearing a skirt of soft pastel shades. To create an energetic way to pick up skirt top yellow pastel shades and bright blue beads. Court shoes will complete this sophisticated look.
  • Bravely. Skirt optional creates a feminine image. You can Express your inner protest, wearing a skirt-sun with a short top on a metal zipper. Bold color to help you stand out from the crowd.
  • Smartly. About the elegance of the so-called medieval glamour remind blouse with bow, worn under the skirt of the sun. Soft shades, for example, color sea foam, will create a summer mood.
  • Officially. If you urgently need to come up with an outfit for an unexpected party, you can create an alternative to the little black dress. Wear a skirt-the sun and the adjacent top with transparent parts. Get cute classic image.
  • Every day. When you are going to spend time with friends or watch a favorite movie on the big screen, wear a skirt-sun with a free top, tie at the front.
  • On the work. Wear a skirt-sun with stockings and a blouse, fastened with buttons. Add to that a pair of high heels to complete business image. In cool weather, you can wear the top adjacent the blazer.
  • For a walk. To create a free way, wear a skirt-sun with a t-shirt and a pair of nice boats. Then add a beautiful cardigan with a picture to complete the image.
  • On a date. Wear a lace top, a pair of shoes, select noticeable jewelry and take beautiful bag-clutch – and you are ready to go on a date. To make the image even more expressive, add a thin belt, suitable color, to further emphasize the waist.


Who should wear a skirt-sun

Cute playful skirt-sun suitable for all body types. It emphasizes the waist and your shape, giving the impression of a perfectly balanced shape. Model with long legs wearing these skirts and look at them graceful, tall, slender and feminine. However, when you go into the fitting room to try on a skirt-the sun, you feel awkward, complete and not chic.

Why is this happening? Skirt-the sun is usually heavy, thick fabric, sometimes in the crease, and if you don’t find it suitable ensemble that will look not the best way. But not necessarily to be a tall, thin model to wear a skirt-sun. Just use some recommendations to create a feminine and beautiful way.

  • Wear heels. Interesting footwear will emphasize the lower part of the legs, which are often hidden by the folds of cloth, if you’re wearing a skirt-sun. A pair of good shoes-boats will make the ankle more slender, and the silhouette will look more elongated, which is very important for this image.
  • Slide adjacent the top. Skirt-the sun will drape around the hips, so you need to wear something, adjacent the waist to accentuate your figure. Remember to emphasize the form, and not to open the body, so there will perfectly suit top with a high collar or sweater fine knit.
  • Create a glamorous look. Maybe it will be Opera gloves or charming hat – it depends on your mood. Don’t be afraid to go out in the city with a long umbrella-cane. The most important thing is to feel confident that the image was organic.

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