с чем носить сникерсыOnce created for sports and tourist trips, Snickers firmly in Vogue, and now they are worn in virtually any environment. Many women claim that the sneakers are the most comfortable shoes. How and what to wear sneakers?


What you can wear sneakers

  • Sneakers with a dress. This, of course, is not about ball gowns, but dress in casual style, for example, form-fitting knit striped dress, very good it will look with a pair of sneakers.
  • Sneakers with pants and a shirt with buttons. If you are not afraid to combine different pictures, you can safely put on tight pants with a graphic pattern and sneakers with leopard print. Simple shirt, fastened with buttons, will not allow the entire ensemble look overloaded.
  • Sneakers with a short skirt. Low sneakers look great with short skirts. In addition, the sneakers type Converse combine well with almost any bags, and you can easily turn your informal way more elegant, changing the sneakers in more elegant shoes.


What to wear sneakers wedge

Today is a very popular sneakers wedge they are worn by many celebrities and fashion designers are very fond of this trend. New models of sneakers more feminine than the first sports sneakers, because they added the wedge. Now this design is preferred by many women all over the world.

The sneakers wedge have a hidden lift in the heel area, making you look taller. As usual sneakers and sneakers wedge, refer to the informal style of dress. The sneakers wedge look best with trousers, especially with narrow, they are good with shorts (denim or khaki), sometimes they can be worn with a dress or skirt, but not with any.


Sneakers wedges with skinny jeans

The sneakers wedge can be worn with skinny jeans. This is the most ordinary everyday way that is easy to create: you just need to choose jeans of any color, t-shirt, sweater or jacket. For example, red jeans, a white t-shirt with sleeves or without, and black or brown leather jacket. Black sneakers wedge looks great in this outfit. To complete the image, you’ll need a few bracelets and a simple shoulder bag.

You can also wear a tight grey t-shirt with black or dark blue jeans and sneakers, wedges, black or black with white stripes. Sunglasses and bracelets complete the image. Depending on the weather, you can wear a leather jacket and add a simple necklace and the bag over his shoulder.


Sneakers wedges with skinny trousers

The sneakers wedge can be worn with skinny trousers, and with skinny jeans. The only difference is that with narrow pants, you should wear a jacket or sweater. For example, tight pants, brown shirt and a cute sweater or jacket, preferably in black and white. Add to this brown leather handbag and brown earrings. Brown sneakers wedge completes the image.


Sneakers wedges with shorts

Black denim or plaid shorts, coupled with a white blouse, fit to black sneakers wedge. Add a few bracelets, necklaces and sunglasses.

If you don’t like blouses or shirts, you can wear a t-shirt with V-neck and a jacket or sweater. For example, brown t-shirt, white sweater and denim shorts with brown sneakers. The image will end with the bag over his shoulder, a simple pendant and glasses.


Sneakers wedges with skirts

The skirt is not that easy to combine with sneakers wedge. The sneakers wedge are only suitable for short skirts, so this outfit is suitable only girls with beautiful feet. Long skirts are not recommended to wear with sneakers wedge. Choose a cute skirt, preferably above the knee, fashionable adjacent top and bag the same color as the sneakers. Simple beads completes the image.


The sneakers wedge with dresses

Some wear sneakers wedge with a short trendy dresses. But it should be an informal way. All you need is a dress, sneakers, simple handbag, and bracelets.


The sneakers wedge with leggings

With leggings, you can wear the same clothes, and tight trousers. For example, leggings with leopard print, t-shirt, a cute cardigan or jacket. Add to this leather handbag and simple earrings. Complete your look by wearing the sneakers, the color appropriate to the purses and handbag. Remember that the sneakers wedge are three – dimensional footwear, so you need to balance the entire image, properly selecting the top and bottom, as well as accessories.


Right bottom

  • Narrow jeans. Skinny jeans will make your legs longer. They can be dressed in the sneakers.
  • Leggings. Leggings make the legs more slender and longer, which creates a perfect balance with sneakers wedge. Try to wear them with a tunic or shirt neutral shade. Short tops will not look good with this outfit.
  • The shorts. Sneakers wedges with shorts look gorgeous, especially if you have beautiful legs of medium length. Can be worn with sneakers wedge denim shorts or khaki shorts. Balance the image, adding volume to the upper body.
  • Short bottom. Short skirts and mini dresses are perfectly combined with sneakers wedge. Best looks above knee length. Try a dress or skirt dark color or pattern floral or polka dots.
  • A smart way. The sneakers wedge it is interesting to look with skirts with skirts of different lengths, which opens legs.
  • Neutral color. Avoid bright and flashy colors in clothes. Wear bright sneakers wedge with classic denim, black or brown leggings. Sneakers white, black and brown can be worn with black, dark blue or red skinny jeans.


Right top

  • The t-shirts. It is recommended to wear sneakers wedge with t-shirts, skinny jeans or denim shorts. T-shirts must be adjacent in order to create chic informal way.
  • Shirts and blouses. Adjacent plaid or flannel shirt will fit narrow jeans or denim shorts in combination with sneakers wedge. Instead of shirts you can wear a simple blouse.
  • Slightly voluminous top. This outfit will fit women with full legs. To divert attention from the completeness of the feet, balance the way, wearing sneakers wedge with a slightly voluminous top.
  • The jackets. The jacket will help hide imperfections of the figure, drawing attention to the sneakers, and keeps you warm in cool weather.
  • The accessories. Choose large and long accessories to balance volume Snickers: scarves, long necklaces, beautiful hats, large earrings.

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