что одеть на корпоративную вечеринкуWhat to wear to a corporate party? Little black dress or on the contrary elegant evening dress? Casual outfit, not to stand out, or more casual?


Clothing according to the situation

For a sophisticated party for men suits costume, and for women – evening dress.

If we are talking about an office party during working hours, is the best fitted jacket. It will enliven your look.

In the case of a corporate party you can maintain a professional style in the image.

When choosing clothes for a corporate party should adapt to the situation. For an elegant and refined party follow the established dress code. If you are afraid to overdo it and attract the attention of all your colleagues, opt for a little black dress with perfectly matched accessories to it. There is no need to go out in a cocktail dress.

If a party promises to drag on, with a detailed announcement of all figures and discussion for 40 minutes with the President, especially Shine event for the occasion, pick clothes in the appropriate style. You should feel comfortable, especially if you have to stand on his feet. Tapered trousers look both elegant and feminine, especially if it is a jumpsuit with a shawl collar in colour matching ecru and brown.

If the party is organized in honor of a celebration, be careful about your outfit. Try to create your way in classic style: light top or blouse combined with pants. Gently experiment with dressing up. Relax, but don’t forget that this event takes place in the exchange of professional experience. Your colleagues, even if you have them close, adhere to professional etiquette.

Choosing clothes for a corporate party, put aside the elegant dress that you want to pull up and down every two minutes to avoid unsightly creases. Discard shoes that lengthen the leg. Pick up the outfit that you will feel comfortable even after the third glass of champagne. It can be red, blue plain dress or a dress with patterns. The main thing to choose a simple cut in a beautiful colour.

If you are going to spend the evening in the company of friends-work colleagues outside of the office, take a moment and relax. Forget about the job. This will help the jeans on the figure and top with sequins.



When selecting shoes for a corporate party, if you are in doubt between ballet flats and pumps, choose shoes with heels. Perfect alternative that will allow you to win a few extra inches, while maintaining a sense of comfort.

For a corporate party there is nothing better than a small purse on a long strap. Practical, elegant and modern. It fit all you need: purse, house keys, phone…

If you don’t have anything suitable for the party, focus on accessories. Complete ordinary dress of beautiful jewelry-a necklace or bracelet, “juicy” shoes and a small purse with a long strap. As accessories can use a belt over a long shirt-dresses or tunics. Can choose the scarf in the tone of your outfit.

Otherwise, we recommend sticking to the classics: light makeup, manicure, simple and elegant styling.

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