с чем носить черное пальтоThe coat is a universal thing, it will warm you up on a cool day, underline the highlight of the image, will seamlessly complement any ensemble. In everyday life, comfort and practicality are very important, but we should not forget about the style and ignore fashion trends. There are things that can be called a timeless classic – this black coat, which is easy enough to find “support”. What to wear with a black coat to feel stylish and comfortable?

Black coat – a traditional thing, but depending on the features of the cut and texture of the fabric, this coat may look different: this can be a subject of everyday wardrobe or thing, quite appropriate in a festive evening atmosphere.


Coat with the smell

Coat with the smell often leaves more space for fashion maneuver, rather than a strict model on the buttons, but if the weather allows you to zip up your coat, pay special attention to what you wear under the coat. So, if you are wearing big coats oversized, choose a model with a maximum open collar, which can be beneficial to beat with accessories.

With open coat and open-collar look great diverse blouses with bows, jabots or other interesting details in the upper part of the silhouette. In cool weather black coat will perfectly complement the scarf, in principle, it can be a scarf of any color and texture, but it is better to choose quite a contrast color that flatters your skin tone. If you prefer bright accent in the form of a scarf, a good idea to maintain his purse or gloves to match.

Many models of coats are ready with a belt, usually of the same fabric as the coat itself. The belt detail is convenient and gives the figure the correct proportions. If you are used to wear the coat with its native zone, often tying it, try to move away from this tradition, replacing the black belt from the coat interesting strap in color: it can be bright enough strap, such as red or electric blue, or rather discreet, for example, Burgundy or dark blue.


Various combinations

Monochrome image, completely designed in black color, always looks elegant and dramatic enough, but sometimes black from head to toe can look a bit boring. Dilution of color is a classic and a win-win situation, but to enliven the monotony of the ensemble with the participation of the black coat using a mix of textures of fabrics. Try: soft textured sweater, skinny jeans and leather or suede ankle boots.

Light black coat type trench will be useful in the spring and even summer. Try to combine such a thing with leather shorts free silhouette top in contrasting stripes or black and white print and white loafers – the perfect urban look.

Black color perfect neighbor for bright and saturated colors. Look like a true Parisienne can by assembling black coat with a bright blue chiffon or silk blouse and black skirt – pleated mid-calf. In this way the mandatory high-heeled shoes and highly desirable original accessories, hat or handbag.


Coat and hat

A coat is often required headgear, sometimes it is a requirement of the style, and often – climatic necessity. The choice of headgear depends on the overall style of the image and the specifics of the design coat. To the classic models fit a variety of hats, berets, in a more free and alternative style appropriate original knitted hats, scarves and even baseball. Also hats are on trend again, especially options with a wide-brimmed soft enough fields. The hat in combination with the black coat does not have to be black, grey or wine color looks incredibly stylish.


Shoes to black coat

The choice of shoes to the black coat, usually due to the style and length of this coat. If you wear a fairly short coat with dress – mini or shorts, it is better to complement high boots or Bonforte, if you do not have such shoes, the boots is better to wear thick black tights. To coat is of medium length, in principle, like any footwear, boots with heels and without, boots knee length, sneakers and boots in military uniform style.

Black coat, like the little black dress – something for all occasions, if you value comfort combined with style and quality, it’s time to buy a classic black coat.

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