что носить с черным пальтоBlack coat – thing at all times. Such clothing never goes out of style, always looks stylish, attractive and interesting. And if you have an idea what to wear with a black coat, and with what things to combine it with this outerwear will be possible to create a variety of expressive and memorable images.


The secret charm

Black coat is one of those wardrobe staples that never go out of fashion. Such clothing always looks stylish. Depending on the chosen accessories black coat can be transformed beyond recognition, turning his owner in the vamp, in a rigorous intellectual, romantic young lady, into a powerful businesswoman.

Attitude to black color in the fashion world is ambiguous. On the one hand, many consider it boring and only suitable insecure types who don’t dare to try on brighter things. On the other hand, perhaps none of the collection of designers can do without the black things. This color is universal, it may look like a king or orphaned depending on fabric, style, accessories.

It is believed that the black color always shows the quality of the fabric. Therefore, it is very important that black coat was made of high quality material – natural leather, cashmere, wool, woolen cloth. Cheap synthetic will not look stylish, and feel sorry.

What concerns styles, it is better to prefer the simplest. Timeless classics – direct coat knee length or just below with a small collar. This coat perfectly matches with any clothes and always looks stylish. With more intricate designs to create an interesting look can be tricky.


Wear the black coat

Black coat, like any black garment, combined with things of all colors. But the secret of the versatility of this garment in the fact that black coat can be combined with clothes of any style. It looks equally good with trousers and skirts, classic business suits and casual jeans, the clothes in a “rocker” style and gentle girlish outfits. Of course, much depends on the length of the coat and its style, but overall black coat very versatile.

Shoes may also be varied. High boots, stiletto heels, shoes that are sporty and even sneakers – black coat combined with many models. If you pick him black shoes, you get strict and discreet look. And if you choose waterproof boots or shoes, then the image will be fresh and original.

To long (to the ankle) or short (above the knee) black coat is perfect baggy jeans-Boyfriends. It remains to add shoes or boots black color, and also casually tied scarf – and the image in the style of casual ready.

Quite otherwise will look black coat with tight jeans skinny jeans classic blue or a brighter hue. This combination looks feminine and gentle. As if to complement the jeans, classic shirt, high heels and a clutch, this outfit is perfect for a date.

Will look great black coat and bright dress. Probably every girl there is such a dress: purchased spur of the moment, it seems too flashy to wear it often. But in combination with classic black coat even the most lavish outfit looks quite elegant, especially if you complement it with classic accessories.


The choice of headgear

Black coat is perfectly matched with her hair down, but if the weather deteriorated, it is necessary to think about a hat. You can pick up in the tone of the coat and the contrast. The first option is suitable for girls with a good complexion and enough bright features. Contrasting hats more versatile.

Color can be choose according to your taste, if only it came to skin color, eyes, hair. Hats deep red and wine tones, cream and blue suit nearly anyone. But with hats in orange, mustard and lavender tones should be careful: they are very few people go and often accentuate imperfections appearance, for example, dark circles under the eyes.

Classic coat perfectly combined with felt hats. This tandem will lend elegance to any outfit. The hat can be any color, but preferably, it provides a black finish, or to shade hats resonated with other accessories.

Knitted bulk hats and berets are also perfectly combined with a black coat. But if beanie is matched by contrast, it is better that they were not the only color spot in the image. It is desirable to complement colored hat suitable scarves or gloves.

Look good with a classic black models and shawls. This hat will suit girls with skinny faces with clear features. Chubby scarves is usually a no-go, making way too rustic.


Scarves and shawls

Many women are unsure of their own taste or just prefer dark colors, try to combine black coat with black same things. But such an image often looks too boring. To add “flavor” in seconds: simply tie it on your neck favourite shawl or scarf.

To simple straight coat of concise suitable for today’s fashion scarves-clamps or snudy. Classic straight silhouette coat would look great with a silk handkerchief. To create a relaxed images suitable knitted from thick yarn long scarves with fringe, and casually draped stoles made of thin fabric.

With flowers too, you can experiment endlessly. Bright red scarf will be useful for creating unforgettable passionate image. Soft beige, pink and cream colors “soften” the severity of the black, will add to the image of femininity. Deep blue and green hues create a relaxed yet distinctive look. White silk scarf will look gorgeous, black fur boa – stylish, fun striped scarf will accentuate the cheerful mood.

Dmitry Anokhin

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