с чем носить джинсовую юбкуDenim skirt is a part of our wardrobe. It is popular for many seasons. You choose for yourself the style, color, length and what to wear with denim skirt.



A denim skirt can be combined with different clothes, creating different images and styles. The mid-length skirt can complement a white lace blouse. For the summer option will suit denim mini skirt and any shirt.

Denim skirt in a sporty style synonymous with American coeds or girls from the team support. Emphasize the way, with black on the wrist, white sneakers.

Denim skirt in retro style is ideal for going to the movies. With a blue shirt and a black leather bag you will look in the style of the 60s. Red ballet flats will give the image of liveliness. A gold bracelet will make your look more modern. Don’t overdo the makeup. Bet on simplicity, stressing only the lips red lipstick. As another option, you can suggest the following combination: sweater bright color with elbow patches, neck scarf pattern, shoes…

Denim skirt in the style of the 90s perfectly with a denim jacket, white socks and big black Derby.



Plaid shirt goes well with denim skirt. The riding boots and bag in tone, the ensemble is not devoid of elegance. The final detail: brown leather-red bracelet.

You can stay on the shirt with collar frill or bow tie. Tuck your shirt into a skirt and don’t forget about the belt. Note: high heels are mandatory. Completes the image of the bag.

Why not opt for a denim skirt, top and vest. As shoes can offer sandals.

Denim skirt mini version, top or t-shirt, white sneakers and a varsity jacket will create an image in the style of urban. Supporters of grunge style can complement a denim skirt with black boots. For those who wish to look in the 70s, you suit long or short denim skirt, but definitely on the buttons, and white lace blouse with a neckline.

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