с чем носить джинсовую юбку в полLong, floor-length skirt looks very feminine. It is relevant for any time of year. Skirt accentuates your gracefulness. What to wear with denim skirt to the floor, because it is very convenient and practical, do not hold down your movements.


The choice of skirts

Despite a common misconception to wear skirts does not necessarily have a wasp waist. The main thing to choose the right model depending on build.

When selecting a denim skirt to the floor, remember that its length must be at the level of the ankles. You can feel free to wear sandals, stilettos, platform shoes or flat shoes. If the length of the skirt will be below the ankles, you run the risk of constantly stepping on it.

If you lean physique and short stature you fit the skirt of any style. If you are full build, try to avoid tapering of the skirt. If you have a pyramidal structure of the body, the best option for you will be direct and expanding to the bottom of the skirt.


The formation of a complete image

Very important to be able to pick up accessories for denim skirts. Let’s start from the top. When you go to town, the beach, the pool, wear a simple white t-shirt. If not, opt for a fitted upper garment.

In the winter or fall complete your look with long or short boots. And in the summer or spring, beautiful sandals. In the summer on top of the skirt to tie on the waist coat. Sweater with skirt to the floor also looks good. The final detail can be sneakers or boots on a flat sole.

In the cold period of time the floor-length skirt can be combined with a coat, but only in spurts. Coat can be replaced with a jacket, blazer, Bolero. If you are short in stature avoid long coats. Better to stay on a fitted leather jacket.

As for accessories, long skirt to the floor combined with any bags. If you wear boots, you fit the classic bag or bag. Party – clutch. Want to look in the Gypsy style, come to the aid of feather earrings.

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