с чем носить шляпуHat is a fashionable accessory that can change your look for better or worse. Hat is a versatile piece, it can give elegance and glamour. What to wear with a hat? For example, a wide-brimmed hat, which is very popular lately, can be worn with boots and a beige coat or a dress with floral motifs and heel clogs.

You need to know how to wear a hat. If you move her back will look funny. If you pull the hat forward, it would seem that you want to hide your eyes. The hat goes slightly back and slightly to the side.

The pot can also be combined with any style. With black clothes and leather jacket he creates an image in the style of rock, but with coloured slim pants and short blouse with a print it becomes more feminine and extraordinary.


The color of the hat

Black hat seems neutral, but in fact it is quite difficult to combine with other things. It is better to opt for gray. Gray felt fit for anything: a suit or jacket, blue, brown, gray, green.

Usually offer mainly gray, blue and brown, sometimes green option. Currently very popular hat Burgundy. They give the image character and personality. Burgundy hat can be combined with olive parkay and dress with circle skirt with black flowers. Enhance the image of a pair of black suede boots.


Ensembles with maroon hat

You can experiment with the dress with horizontal black and white stripes and a hat to look relaxed.

Black coat and suede light blue shorts, a pair of black leather Chelsea boots will add contrast to your image.

Pick up a set of grey knitted vest with Burgundy slim pants and Burgundy hat shopping. As for shoes, here the most suitable pair of black suede shoes.

It looks quite interesting-a Burgundy hat with a white dress and a pair of leather Richelieu.

Grey knitted sweater and black leather shorts are casual and at the same time stylish. To enhance this ensemble by using leather ankle boots Burgundy.

For a stylish and glamorous way, pick up a vest with multicolored geometric patterns. A pair of leather high boots brown and Burgundy hat.

For everyday style nothing is better than a Burgundy hat, a short brown coat with a hood and denim skirt with buttons.

Kimono with pink flowers, blue Jean shorts and a pair of low sneakers. Quite easily and naturally.

For walks during the weekend you can pick up a Burgundy hat, light brown coat, a pair of leather shoes.

For lunch with friends fit black t-shirt, long-sleeved, dark blue jeans, a pair of suede black boots and a Burgundy hat.

If you follow fashion, then the next combination is for you. Voluminous black sweater, ripped blue jeans, a pair of black suede shoes and a Burgundy hat.

Pick the gray t-shirt with round collar, long pleated Burgundy skirt. A pair of Burgundy leather heeled sandals will give a simple image of elegance.

Try to combine velour sweater with round collar in dark blue shorts in black flower and Burgundy hat for the perfect look of the day.


Images with hats

This season hats are very popular. You can wear a wide-brimmed hat with a pencil skirt and high heels. Classic silk blouse will replace t-shirt with a print.

Wear a wide-brimmed hat with short dress with floral motif.

Wide-brimmed hat can Supplement a modest way and give it originality. Jacket, jacket pastel colors, ballet flats, wide-brimmed hat – anything that helps to avoid banality.

Create an image of the Bohemian style. To keep it under any circumstances, combine casual clothes with a dark wide-brimmed hat.

Many prefer the image of a rock. Flip flops and straw hat – accessories that give character to this ensemble.

Hat in rock style with slim trousers, boots and a leather jacket. Selecting a hat the plum color, you will bring a touch of femininity to your look.

Many people always appear in a refined yet relaxed images. That may allow these fashionistas to stand out? Wedge sneakers, bag, belt and hat.

In combination with a coat classic cut and short black dress hat can be a very elegant accessory. But don’t be afraid to break the classic way – try to wear biker boots.

Updated the image of the cowboy: slim pants and boots with pointed toes upgrade a cowboy hat.

Follow the fashion. To stay on trend, wear a black top hat with a sweater with a leopard print.

Not to spoil the styling in the rain and to always be beautiful, prefer a wide-brimmed hat. Combine it with slim pants, beige coat and high boots on a flat sole.

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