с чем носить шляпуA hat is a fashion accessorythat can change the way for better or worse. It can give you glamour and elegance. There are plenty of options of hats, but as combinations, what to wear with a hat. Hats can be with a wide soft brim Trilby “Borsalino”, bowler and so on.


Hat to the face shape

Not to spoil your image, it is necessary to properly select and wear a hat. When choosing a hat, be sure to consider your face shape. For each face shape there is a wonderful option.

Oval face shape most often considered the most harmonious. You can wear whatever you want. Nevertheless, it is recommended to be worn with a fairly wide brim, this will visually reduce the face.

You have a square or angular face? Your task is to soften the facial features with circular shapes. Most suitable pot or hat with lowered floors. The advantage of pot is that it is suitable to owners of both short and long hair. Hat with a wide brim will also help to smooth your facial features.

If you have a round face, graphic shapes give it structure. Ideal – Trilby, Fedora or Borsalino. Trilby, Borsalino creates a nice contrast with a round face, but these models are best avoided unless you have very short hair. Prefer modest, classic and timeless model. Choose a neutral color that will make it easier to combine with the rest of the wardrobe. Perfect colors – black, blue, grey or beige. Burgundy is also in Vogue, and it is perfectly suitable for all brunettes. Avoid too catchy parts, chains and feathers, which are difficult to combine with everyday clothes.


The style and types of hats

Hat is a powerful accessory, characteristic detail, which instantly creates the illusion of a complete image. No need to overload the image. If you want to emphasize the accessory, choose a more neutral clothes. Will focus on solid colours, natural colours: beige, brown style folk, or black and maroon for rock-n-roll. Can be supplemented with hat and casual clotheslike jeans and sneakers.

For work suits elegant style. It goes well with Theodore in neutral tones like black and white.

A hat with a wide brim, boots with fringe and suede dress will take you back to the seventies.

A live concert? The way in rock – exactly what you need. Faded jeans, light shoes, hat and you’re ready to dance to the motives of his favorite band.

Weekend! Pullover made of wool, jeans, sneakers “Stan Smith”, the hat, and you can safely go for a walk.

As you know, the hat is an integral part of your wardrobe. And if you have it still there, it’s time to get a suitable option.

For example, a hat with a wide brim is very popular. It can be worn with shoes and a coat and a dress with a floral pattern and heel clogs. The wide brim hat suitable for women of high growth. It can be worn both in winter and summer. She instantly transforms a simple image into a sophisticated and Bohemian.

The pot is also suitable for any style. With black clothes and leather jacket he is perfectly complements the image of the rock, but the combination of colored slim pants and blouse with print and stresses the originality and femininity. That is, the hat should be combined with clothes, not chosen at random.

Borsalino or Fedora is better to choose neutral tones that blend perfectly with many wardrobe items. If the Burgundy color is perfect for brunettes, black and camel remain timeless. Bets are placed on a casual and elegant sports style.

Trilby creates a nice contrast with short or round face. With the short fields it is suitable for women of small stature. Trilby goes well with slim pants and a soft shirt. In the image of the femme fatale she plays in the form of male enhancement. Trilby will be a great addition trench, dresses, shoes on Golden heels.

Hat with a lowered flooring looks very elegant. In combination with the classical way, she will give you the rigor. This model is not suitable for girls with round faces, as it further emphasizes the roundness of your face.

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