с чем носить юбку карандашHard to find model skirt that is just as good stroenie would figure, such as a pencil skirt. But this style is quite demanding: it is necessary to think carefully about the image and have an idea what to wear with a pencil skirt to look elegant and stylish. Considerable importance is the choice of the skirt.


How to choose a pencil skirt

The classic pencil skirt, invented by Christian Dior in the first half of the twentieth century, has a very narrow silhouette and length to mid-knee or slightly below. Such skirts as simple as possible, they do not have any decorations. On the back of the skirts make the slot that was convenient to walk, and the waist of the skirt-pencil is often a bit high.

Modern designers boldly experiment with the classics, complicating cut and using various decorative elements. Undoubtedly, these skirts also have the right to exist, however, and classic skirt remains consistently relevant. The secret of its popularity lies in the fact that this strict model looks exceptionally feminine and sexy.

When choosing skirts of this style it is necessary to consider the peculiarities of its shape. Than slimmer figure, the thinner may be the fabric. Dense inelastic fabric visually pull full hips or tummy, so ideal for girls who consider her figure is not perfect. Dark narrow but not tight skirt will visually slim.

If the legs are a bit short, it is better to choose slightly shorter pencil skirt just above the knee. It is desirable that the waist was a bit high. Classic length under knee will shorten even the longest legs, so skirts it is recommended to combine with high-heeled shoes.

The color of the skirt depends not only on characteristics of the shape (full is best to avoid very bright colors, large prints, glitter), but also on where you plan to wear a skirt. For office it is better to choose the most traditional options – strict plain skirt black, grey, brown, pinstriped or with small barely visible print. The best material for office skirts – fine wool. To stay fit more bright models, including from smart or, on the contrary, affordable fabrics.


Office option

Dark pencil skirt tucked into her light blouse, short jacket and classic pumps and you’ve got the image of a business lady, a strict business and at the same time seductive. Ironically, even a strict dress code allows you to experiment with the way that it did not seem boring.

In cold weather you can wear instead of the blouse to the skirt-the pencil thin cashmere jumper. In the heat under the jacket is not forbidden to wear silk top from opaque fabric and with a small neck. And the blouse can be of very different style: reminiscent of mens shirts, decorated with ruffles or lace, form-fitting, bulky. And you can experiment with jackets that do not necessarily have to match the skirt color.

Strict bag without too much decoration and restrained decoration will perfectly complement a business-woman. The waist, especially if it is a bit overpriced, it is worth emphasizing dark or contrasting belt. An interesting solution would be to use shiny narrow belt of patent leather to match the skirt – it unobtrusive mark the waist.


For relaxation

Although pencil skirts are some shackle movement, they are well suited for vacations. To create a relaxed image in the style of “casual” is a good pencil skirt denim. You can also choose knitted skirt, skirt leather, skirt from a fabric with a bright print.

Knit shirts & tops, light cotton blouses, cardigans and sweaters in combination with pencil skirt will create a pleasant, not too complicated but attractive image. Shoes best for travelers to choose the most comfortable sandals or platform shoes, high boots with thick soles. But ballet flats are a risky option. Although they are very comfortable, in combination with the skirt knee-length ballet flats are only very slender girls with graceful ankles.

Narrow skirt combine well with a fairly voluminous riding – whether it be a fluffy sweater, lush blouse with assemblies, loose tops. The better way is to fill blouses and tops in a skirt. Wearing blouses, and even more elongated tunics worn over trousers with skirt-pencil may slightly violate the proportions of the figure, for example, to visually shorten the legs. But belt, contrasting with the color of the skirt that will accentuate the waist and make the legs look longer. If the waist is not very clearly expressed, it is better to tuck into a skirt top, to emphasize the waist, and the top wear, not buttoning the shirt, cardigan, jacket or a leather jacket-a leather jacket.


For an evening out

Pencil skirt is so versatile that it’s perfect not only for office work, but also for holidays. For example, in a skirt it is possible to go to a cocktail party or an office party after work. Can only change the top of the outfit, and the usual business skirt will show a new side of himself, having participated in creating the image of a vamp.

For evening wear a pencil skirt should be combined with the shoes and sexy high heel, open silk top or dekolirovaniya blouse, dressy accessories. Left to change everyday modest jewelry more bright and showy evening, and the image of the fatal temptress is ready.

Girls with a good figure can try to combine a pencil skirt with a corset. This combination of incredibly hot, it is sure to attract the attention of everyone around you. Not enough self-confident girls can wear over the corset jacket or blouse made of thick fabric.

For a party you can pick up a pencil skirt of bright fabric with a striking print or colorful ornaments. This skirt is best combined with most restrained riding – for example, a simple dark top or a blouse with V-neck.

Dmitry Anokhin

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