с чем носить юбку солнцеSkirt-the sun is very feminine and Flirty model. It is believed that this skirt, reminiscent of its perfectly round shape of the light, was invented in Spain in the Middle ages. This model remains popular to this day, and the question of what to wear with a skirt-the sun, the always-popular for girls, as before, centuries ago.


Features of the model

In the classic version of the skirt-the sun is a circle of fabric with a small hole for the waist in the middle, this skirt can also be croatica not from whole piece of fabric and some wedges. Sometimes skirt sun sew on Basque, tight tight hips – this style is called “polusolntse”. There are other options, such as “double sun” or “sun three-quarters”, depending on the peculiarities. However, the classic skirt sun remains the most simple and at the same time, the most effective option. If spinning in a skirt, the hem rises high, taking the right round shape.

Due to the fact that the skirt is now partly cut on the bias, she is draped in beautiful folds. It effectively sways when you walk, and the slightest breeze makes this skirt billowing up, exposing the slender legs of its owner. Unsurprisingly, this style at all times preferred coquette, it is indispensable to create a girl innocent but seductive.

For a long time skirts-the sun had mainly summer and sewed, respectively, of a thin, lightweight fabrics. Later, these skirts were made of heavy fabrics and wear not only in summer but in the cold season. Changed length. If earlier “Sunny” skirts were usually long, but now they can have a length from mini to Maxi. Classics is the same length just below the knee – innocent and seductive.

Sometimes skirts the sun-sew lined, complement the lower skirts that keep their shape well and model silhouette “hourglass”. There are even models with a crinoline. For example, the famous model in the style of the new look from Christian Dior’s perfectly retains its shape thanks to the crinolines, but were not too comfortable to wear.


Who can be interested in this skirt

Classic skirt sun visually increases the volume of the thighs. Therefore, this style is particularly suitable to those who are in such increased needs, i.e. uncovery girls. If the waist is too wide, it is best to avoid skirts with elastic at the waist, giving preference to “Sunny” skirts on the yoke or wide belt. Such a cut does not create extra volume at the waist or hips, and the figure seem slimmer.

It is desirable that the hem of the skirt-the sun was at the level of the most graceful part of the leg. Also, this style designers recommend to wear with heels, at least not very high – it gives the image of elegance.


What to use

Since the skirt-the sun – a thing quite voluminous, it is best to combine it with a slinky top. Combined with puffy blouses skirt sun will look ridiculous, and the figure will become shapeless. Not fit that skirt and extra long blouses and shirts trousers and a variety of extra long tunics – they violate the proportions of the figure, will shorten the leg, make the waist almost invisible.

Much better to use tight-fitting shirts, tops, blouses, most emphasizing the waist. The extra volume on these things is only possible in the upper part – for example, shirts can be decorated with flounces on the chest or shoulders, but the waist of the blouse should fit snug over the body.

The brighter and legkomyslennoe skirt-the sun, the more restrained must be the upper part of the outfit. If the skirt has bright prints, colorful appliques, lace and some noticeable, eye-catching items, it is best to wear it as concise as possible with the top of muted tones.

Conversely, more modest than a skirt-the sun, the brighter the top, one can pick up. T-shirts with striking prints will look relaxed, tight low-necked blouse with lavish décor – frankly-sexy and stylish women’s sweaters – and strictly modern.

On top of the shirt or blouse you can wear the jacket must also be minimally bulky, tight and shortened. These jackets will make the image less frivolous, more businesslike and reserved. And if you want to wear a long cardigan, only thin knits and always intercepted by the waist thin strap.


At work, on vacation, at a party

Skirt-sun – style almost universal, suitable in any environment. Despite its frivolous appearance, this skirt can complement even a suit for work. Of course, in the office should not wear a short flared skirt, but the skirt is below the knee would be appropriate. This skirt should be made of wool fabrics in muted colors. From the glitz and bright prints will have to give. If you combine the skirt with the shoes on a small heel, strict white blouse and tight short jacket, you will receive an original and attractive outfit for work.

The choice of skirts “Sunny” cut to stay much broader. It offers fashion fabrics of all kinds and colors. Plain, checkered, polka dot, floral or abstract prints – a lot of options.

Such skirts can be supplemented by any tight-fitting blouses and blouses, and shoes with thin heel and comfortable platform. Coupled with sandals or ballet flats skirt sun will look relaxed and a bit naive, childish. And with sandals on sharp heels the same skirt “sparkle” in a new way. A stylish way to create, combining chiffon skirt sun with narrow denim jacket and shoes with hidden platform.

Winter skirt-the sun of dense fabric perfectly combined with boots with heels. You can try on and boots, but it must be remembered that this type of footwear is a little visually shortens the leg, so is more suitable for short but not for long flared skirts.

Beautiful “Sunny” skirt will look at the party with friends. If you combine this skirt with a corset, you’ll have a stunning seductive image. And with a shiny t-shirts with provocative cutouts skirt will look modern and stylish.

Dmitry Anokhin

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