с чем носить черные ботильоныBlack ankle boots are appropriate at any time of the year, this is a lovely demi-season shoes and option for an evening out – it all depends on the material and design of the model. What to wear with black ankle boots to look at the height?

Bootie is a versatile Shoe, the variety of models allows to choose the boots to any outfit: sporty and romantic, glamorous, business or casual. Designers delight us with a variety of options convenient and stylish ankle boots, with heels and without, suede, leather and textile, with a variety of buckles, zippers, inserts, cutouts and the original color scheme.

Perhaps the most popular model now considered to be the boots slightly above or below the ankle or ankle-length. These boots ideal for everyday wear, they can walk to work, and in the presence of heel – and at a restaurant or club, in a convenient suede models can all day without getting tired of going shopping and ankle boots in a cowboy style to go to a music festival.


Tips on how to pick the perfect pair of ankle boots

The first is to pay attention to the heel height. High heel is not always appropriate, and to walk in such shoes is not all easy, therefore, for the sake of comfort and practicality is better to choose boots to go low or medium heel. Such footwear is well combined and looks perfect in the context of office style. If shoes to go low or medium heel seems too restrained, prefer models with different kinds of decor, buckles, cutouts, decorative stitching, zippers and so on.

Also do not forget about the proportions of the silhouette. The boots belong to the category of rather fine shoes, so too voluminous tops proportions of the silhouette. Black ankle boots look great with tight bottom, with leggings, skinny jeans, thick tights, skirts and dresses.

If the boots are worn a skirt or dress, it is better that its length was above the knee, otherwise you visually shorten the leg. The principle is simple: the higher the tops of the boots, the shorter must be the skirt.


Black ankle boots with skirt

Modern trends allow you to wear the boots with skirts of any length, despite the above mentioned rule.

  • Ankle boots and a

The boots looks perfect with a mini, this combination may look and elegant, and bold, and even romantic. The top can be anything, from a deliberately stretched t-shirts in grunge style to the strict white blouse, office type. Daring fashionista wearing a printed black ankle boots perfectly complement printed fabric, especially if about black color present in the picture. Winter mini and ankle boots perfectly complement opaque tights, a variety of scarves and cozy coat.

  • Ankle boots with a pencil skirt

Despite the common stereotype that says that the boots most successfully look great with a mini, with the right approach boots is perfectly combined with a pencil skirt. This skirt is the embodiment of femininity and elegance, so it is very important to this way to pick up a fairly low-key but stylish accessories. Ankle boots with a pencil skirt is a combination of equally suitable for the office or dinner with friends.

  • Black ankle boots with a full skirt

Like stylish and seductive’t look puffy skirt with a high heel or stiletto, in everyday life, the comfort is above all, and here again will come the comfortable black boots. These shoes are harmonious with flying and a full skirt of any length, the main thing is to stick to a single style: do not wear heavy biker boots easy to skirt peas, and elegant high-heeled boots to casual skirt in neutral tones.

  • Ankle boots with a MIDI skirt

MIDI length recently in the forefront of fashion, paired with ankle boots, this skirt is soft and embodies a casual elegance, so go real Parisian.

  • Ankle boots with long skirt

Maxi skirts are harmonious look with the boots of any style, with heels and without, with the decor and sleek leather. Maxi with black boots is perfect for fall and for the cool spring days. The boots are eminently suitable enough skirts to the floor, and a narrow straight patterns, as long as the bottom of the skirt were necessarily covered the tops of the boots, if the skirt covers enough shoes wear thick tights dark color.

  • Black ankle boots with knitted fabric

Knitted and crocheted sweaters, pullovers and tunics indispensable in winter and cool in the fall, these things are perfectly combined with the tight pants, leggings and skinny jeans, that is the bottom, which is ideal for low boots from any material. In the way involving knitted tunic valid with any accessories, eyewear, gloves, hats and bags, but the belt to the tunic better not to wear.


Ankle boots with pants

The boots can be worn with trousers of any length and style: don’t be afraid to experiment, black ankle boots the ankle and can be worn with classic jeans with jeans and Boyfriends, and light pants in harem style, all styles of trousers perfectly coexist with the boots.

  • Ankle boots and cropped pants

It is believed that cropped pants and ankle boots are not a good combination, visually separating the silhouette on unnecessary areas. But actually modern street fashion is replete with various combinations of ankle boots and short pants, especially interesting to look trousers saturated with bright colors with black leather and suede ankle boots.

  • Ankle boots with Capri

The modern model Capri blend perfectly with ankle boots, especially in the actual images, designed in the style of rock or military. With black boots most look plain skinny Capri, but particularly daring ladies can afford a leopard print or geometric print, the main thing is not to overload the top.

  • Black boots and pants with print

Options printed fabrics to choose from animal prints to vegetable, from geometry to Oriental motifs, but all are United by one thing: pants print is quite prominent and visible thing that require the most neutral support. Black ankle boots in this case the ideal in the role of a stylish, but not peretyagivayut attention to shoes. The top is also better withstand in one color, neutral, or repeating one of the colors of the print.


Black ankle boots and skinny jeans

Skinny jeans and ankle boots in any color – perfect combination. Skinny ideally cover the foot at the bottom, which is very important for the harmonious combination of trousers and shoes. Black ankle boots with jeans is appropriate in any season. With a t-shirt or blouse with a contemporary decoration, this combination acquires a trendy urban shade and this image is appropriate both in the office and for shopping. If you want to give the selected ensemble is a certain rigor and elegance, wear with jeans the classic black blazer.


Black ankle boots with leggings

Leggings and skinny jeans, or any tight pants, look great with boots. The simplest and most harmonious combination of black leggings and black ankle boots, but in fact this Shoe you can wear leggings of any color, with prints and without. Depending on the width of the top, bottom leggings you can fill in the shoes or to put on top.


Black ankle boots with shorts

Typically, a combination of ankle boots and shorts is considered to be a summer option, but depending on the fabric from which sewed the shorts, this combination has quite the right to life in the fall and even winter. In cooler weather, it just complemented the warm, spring and autumn things, thick tights, soft pullover. Particularly original with black boots looks monochrome image with a mix of textures. Try black shorts from tweed to complement silk, velvet or wool in other parts of the ensemble, and definitely will add more to this interesting jewelry.

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