с чем носить конверсыChucks are always in style. This shoes that must be in every wardrobe. What to wear with converse? It turns out that they are combined with many things.


Interesting images with chucks

For example, in combination with a short dress, you get the image in casual style.

An interesting combination can be called slim pants with rolled edges, wide a coat or vest and chucks.

The style of the 90s are back in fashion: high-waisted jeans, t-shirt, tied knot over the navel and chucks.

If you want to look elegant and comfortable, choose a skirt below the knee, loose sweater, converse, and your image is ready.

Pretty interesting look jeans are shredded, chucks, hat and bag.


They can be worn even in the office

If you want to wear chucks in the office but don’t want to look a teenager, trousers tuxedo is just what you need. To look elegant you can stay for classic colors such as white or black.

In addition, for office work chucks can be worn in combination with leather pants, slim, wool colored sweater with faux fur collar. As accessory fits bag with leopard print.


Stylish ensembles

Summer chucks can be worn with short shorts and wide tunic, to give the image of lightness.

Long dress is undoubtedly the best choice to emphasize high chucks. If you wear still the coat, it also needs to be long. As an accessory you can pick up a mini bag.

For a trip outside the city or stroll by the sea will fit long coloured coats, denim jumpsuit, vest and chucks. That cool breeze did not blow in the neck, put on thick printed scarf.

In some cases, for going to a party it is not necessary to wear sandals odinnadtsatimetrovy heels. In this case, the converse stylish look with a lace jacket, deep green velour shorts, white shirt and original necklace.

You can combine chucks with jeans or slim pants, a thin sweater and a blazer with the cuffs on the sleeves.

You can experiment with jeans, half tucked into jeans, sweater, coat and chucks.

For those who like original images, suitable combination of slim pants with cuffed hems, shirt, trench coat, converse and a hat.

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