с чем носить кожаную юбкуMany girls consider themselves connoisseurs of fashion and the owners own unique style, but this style icon among other things gives the ability to wear a leather skirt, or rather the ability to skillfully combine this ambiguous thing with other clothes in the wardrobe. Indeed, leather skirt, rather “tricky” thing, and most women who are accustomed to traditional fabrics and styles of skirts, it is often difficult to decide what to wear with a leather skirt.

The skin is not only the privilege of girl bikers and women in the style vamp, actually, the leather is very comfortable and practical. They are warm in autumn and winter and the leather skirt is a perfect alternative to jeans and woolen skirts. In the end, leather skirt allows you to expand the scope of any image and a new beat favorite tops and sweaters. Girls often believe that leather skirt necessarily require additional leather “support” in the form of a jacket, coat or vest, but actually with the right approach, a leather skirt can be worn with anything. The main thing to be aware of fashion trends and pick the appropriate outfit and decor items and accessories.

Set aside the usual skirt in floral print and peas, denim and wool to the side and experiment with a leather skirt, a real fashion trend that you follow the advice, will easily injected into any look, from formal and casual to evening and romantic.


Leather pleated mini

Short leather pleated skirt recently extremely popular, the main secret of this thing – well matched top and appropriate shoes. The style of the skirt is interesting in itself, plus a special emphasis in the form of non-traditional fabrics, so in this case, in the upper part of the silhouette is better to do a simple loose top in bright plain colors. The image will perfectly complement a juicy bright pink lipstick and lace-up black or bright saturated colours.


Glamorous mini

Short leather mini – a real must have for lovers of parties and Nightclubs. Top in shiny sequins in addition to short leather skirt will not let you go unnoticed on the dance floor or a noisy party. For maximum effect, this ensemble should complement the shoes or sandals seductive high heels. In this case it is important to observe the extent to decollete and makeup, otherwise you run the risk of looking too slutty.


Simple elegance

Combination leather medium length skirt and black blazer strict style looks really elegant. The image didn’t look too dark or heavy, complete his high heel in contrasting boats trendy bright color.


Business image

Think that leather skirt has no place in the office of a reputable company? To break this stereotype quite simple: just wear to the leather skirt is a classic white blouse, pay attention to the length of the skirt: extreme mini in the office really inappropriate, but the MIDI and the length just above the knee – just to the point. Black shoes will complete your look bold and energetic business woman.


Free interpretation of office ensemble

If the strict image of a business lady you don’t like too, to soften it by replacing the long, narrow skirt more democratic a leather skirt is A-shaped silhouette with a tucked-in shirt. Correct fashionable accent will create a stylish sunglasses and bracelets in combination with clock male type.


Parisian chic

Original leather skirt asymmetrical cut in combination with topical vest in the French style looks really stylish. Excellent city way, appropriate for a romantic date, and for shopping, stylists recommend to conclude a free trench and surround a bright bag.


Skin color

Leather skirt does not have to be black or dark brown. Don’t be afraid to experiment with colors. Skirt in leather deep blue or emerald green always looks original, this skirt is perfect simple top in pastel colors, platform shoes and enough bulk bag. Young girls and bold daring fashionistas, designers and stylists offer to move away from dark colors to play with bold and bright shades of orange, red and green. With a properly chosen clothes and accessories bright leather skirt looks stylish and elegant.


Leather skirt in the style boho

Wooden shades of the light spectrum – exactly what you need for a leather skirt in Bohemian style. Add interesting detail in the form of smell, strings or fringe cowboy – and now fashionable in style hippie is ready. In this case, the entire ensemble is recommended to maintain in natural shades of nature. And don’t forget to braid your hair, different braids is an integral part of boho.


Sports city image

The black leather skirt is a truly universal thing: if you combine it with sneakers, a baseball cap and a backpack, get a stylish and free way suitable for going to a football match, and for walking around the city. The top in this sporty ensemble most successfully look in the form of a plain white t-shirts and free black blazer.


The minimalist way

Skirt made of natural or artificial leather plus t-shirt in neutral colors, plus simple and comfortable shoes – minimalism doesn’t require much. Sweatshirt can be replaced with white table top, complementing the image of boats from smooth skin without any pattern and decoration. For such an ensemble is better to choose a skirt in black or brown.


Playful Schoolgirls

If you can age and figure, the standard for school image plaid skirt can be replaced with the skirt flying silhouette from fine leather. The image would be incomplete without the appropriate footwear – bright shoes – oxfords.


Cocktail option

Leather skirt combined with a brilliant dark top, suitable for a party in a nightclub, in the context of the day of the event may not seem so appropriate. The situation is easily corrected by replacing the top a lighter option, sequins or rhinestones on a light pastel background blend perfectly with tight leather pencil skirt. A small clutch and classic black high-heel sandals – all you need to complete this elegant and feminine look.


Monochrome look

Very interesting look monochrome images involving leather skirts. You will not remain unnoticed in a skirt made of white leather, blouse dirty – white color and flowing white blazer. In addition, the original image is better to choose sandals with wide webs, large enough jewelry to match the ensemble and sunglasses in expressive white rim.

Image, completely designed in black color, always looks classy and elegant: black leather pencil skirt, black leather jacket and blouse of the same color will make you a Hollywood film star. For the most advantageous filing of this image will need metal accessories with glitter, watch or clutch, and incredibly sexy pumps with leopard print.


The warmth and comfort

Leather skirt matches perfectly with your favorite sweater and low boots without a heel. On a cold day you can wear thick black tights if the weather allows, this combination looks quite good without them.


Interesting details

Leather skirt, like a thing from any other material can be presented in very different styles, with the presence of complex parts cut with or without a combination of colors and textures or not. If you love fashion styles and are not afraid to experiment, pay attention to non-standard models leather skirts: skirts with peplum, asymmetrical, layered details and so on. In conjunction with such models, special attention is paid to accessories: bright belts and bags with expressive decor provide a universal recognition as a style icon.

Leather skirt can be useful in any situation and is considered to be multi-functional and practical thing. It is combined with any top, from a deliberately stretched t-shirts in grunge style to a romantic light blouse in small floral print. Well, now it’s time to go to the store and buy your favorite leather skirt. Guarantee that very soon it will be one of those favorite things, without which you will be hard to do.

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