denim skirt, you have to fit her accessories and to be able to complement your look the right items of clothing. What to wear with a long denim skirt to the right to make a fashionable image?


Combinations of clothes

First of all, the perfect addition would be a denim shirt. As accessories choose studded bracelets or necklaces, if you prefer the image of a rock.

A long skirt can be combined with a light blouse, bag knapsack and sandals on a flat sole. For jewelry fit chains, bracelets, rings, headbands for hair, colored tape – all approach.

Asymmetrical long skirt can cause difficulties in the selection of shoes. Definitely recommended to choose shoes with heels, and wide. However, the asymmetry between the front and rear part of the skirt gives it originality.


A fashionable example

  • Vest with horizontal black and white stripes
  • Long light blue denim skirt
  • Red leather sandals flats
  • Black leather bag large size
  • Sun brown sunglasses

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