с чем носить красную юбкуThe skirt is a true symbol of femininity, and the red skirt is a symbol of sensuality, passion, coquetry and a desire to please. This outfit always attracts attention. What to wear with a red skirt? Designers offer many options and combinations to suit every taste, depending on the shade of the skirt, the fabric, style and length.



Red is considered a difficult color. On the one hand, it attracts attention (and not only the advantages but also the disadvantages), and on the other not combined with all colors. Most advantageously combined with red white and grey colors. The combination of red and black is classic, but the combination of bright red and charcoal black may seem too aggressive.

Like other color, red can have many shades. Cool cranberry, deep Burgundy, bright red, red with orange tint, light red, red-brown, coral, ruby, garnet, cherry, strawberry, all these tones are good in their own way, and all they must be able to combine with other colors.

For example, the bright red colors that match with gray and blue-gray shades, sand, beige, cream. Deep wine-red shades look great with a bright clean tones. Coral color blends perfectly with beige, cream, Nude, light turquoise. You can try and blend with a light pink shade: if the pink color has a warm tone and is a highly diluted red without any admixture of blue, this tandem will be quite harmonious. The combination of different shades of red is rarely successful. Still, this color looks better in combination with less “charismatic” tones.


Narrow red skirt

Bodycon pencil skirt red – a great acquisition. This skirt looks very sexy, but at the same time strictly. This is a great option for the office and for a party or date. Unless on vacation in this comfortable skirt is unlikely to be comfortable, because it still restricts movement and involves high heels and comfortable shoes with flat soles are usually looked no better. For outdoor activities more suitable knit red skirt – it wraps around hips, but does not restrict movement.

Top this skirt is better to pick a simple form. Recommended colors are black, white, silver-gray, blue-gray. Impressive to look leopard print. You can even wear the red skirt green blouse color – it is best if it will be a pale green colour, or, on the contrary, very dark almost black green. Black narrow belt will perfectly complement a red pencil skirt and accentuate the waist.

To create a bow in the style of casual red knitted skirt can be supplemented with a grey sweater or silver-grey shirt worn outside. Relevant are not too tight t shirt, black or grey sweatshirt, any knitted items.


What to wear with lush red skirt

Lush red skirt visually do wider hips, and waist, respectively, already. As a result, the result is a very seductive and sexy, and the red color adds to the conviviality. This skirt is a perfect choice for the party.

Slender girls can combine this skirt with a tight black crop top. Will look good and striped jumpers. Lace and guipure – for several more binding way: dressed thus, it is difficult to stay within the bounds of good taste. Far more to the ultra-feminine skirt suit worn casually, even a little coarse stuff from inexpensive fabrics, such as denim shirts and vests. However, silk blouse, too, will look great with a fluffy red skirt, especially if this blouse to wear just casually, for example, fastening.

Neutral colors, such as gray, beige or cream, some will just turn down the brightness of the red skirts to balance it. Dark and bright colors will help to create a memorable image.


Long red skirt

Long red skirt is best suited for the fashion show on the red carpet. But in the afternoon they will look good. The main thing is to match these skirts with things as simple as possible. Form-fitting or flowy top can be black, gray, white, beige.

Blouse may be sewn from fabric with prints, but preferably not too large and bright. But from the decor at the top of the toilet it is better to refuse: a long red skirt will be more than enough to attract attention.


Who’d look good in red

Unfortunately, the red skirt is a bit full, so it is best they look for slender girls. But if the girls will wear a red skirt with dark blouses trousers, this set will look wonderful. Better if the blouse will be slightly flared, made of soft, flowing opaque fabric.

Girls with wide hips red skirts are also not contraindicated. Just better kind of skirt to combine with blouses or other clothes with bright prints that will “drag”. And, of course, full of girls is better to give preference not bright red skirt, and more restrained dark red shades.

You should not combine the red skirt with the bright and emphasized sexual accessories, in order not to overload the image. The red color itself attracts attention, and it is not necessary to reinforce the impression, using ultra-feminine and super-sexy details. Mesh or fishnet tights, lace, rich embroidery, large jewelry, neckline and sheer fabrics it is better to combine with other things. Red same skirt will look great in combination with simple and restrained blouses, t-shirts, jackets, shirts, and jackets.

Shoes, this skirt can be color or neutral color, e.g., black or beige. In any case, it is better that the shoes were fine, but as simple and concise.

Dmitry Anokhin

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