Manicure offer a lot of ways to make your nails beautiful, original and well maintained. One of the famous ways is to increase or regular shelak. High demand, of course, is capacity, as long nails can have not everyone, but many will agree that long nails look more advantageous. To solve the problem with short fingernails it helps the buildup.
Что нового в индустрии ногтевого сервиса?2
For placement and storage of the material or instrument that may be required in the process of building, convenient to use Barber shops truck on the website of the online store. They are compact and quite functional, easy to fit into the design of any room.

The nail is due to the application of artificial materials. These materials are quite durable, and the most important advantage that they look natural.
There are two main options for lash extensions: tips and forms.
Гелевые ногти 2
Tips call ready (even with the original form or stylishly painted) artificial nails. Using tips can increase the length of your own nails. The procedure is as follows: natural nogti superimposed tips and secured with special glue. The main rule – tipcam not allowed to keep more than 50% of the surface of this nail plate. Usually this method is combined with other technologies of building, such as a gel or acrylic coating.

Building forms is done when your nails are at least a little free edge (about 2 mm), in this case, the goal is to continue the length of his fingernail, using the same coating of gel or acrylic. The first time length to do a small approximately 0.5 cm , as the work is quite laborious. Long increases gradually, so the owner of the long nails do not have to spend some time for adaptation.
Жидкие камни 3
The most popular technique is increasing of gel, for the reason that high strength and elasticity . Appliances build is very easy: first brush to apply the gel, then for a couple of minutes the nail under the UV light. To accrued nail was solid this procedure is repeated 2-3 times. All nails on average takes about 2 hours if you are a beginner, about 3 hours. But extended nails stay beautiful for a long time, so 2-3 hours is worth it.

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