какие витамины лучше принимать летомThe mood and feeling in most people, the holiday season is significantly improved without any auxiliary means, and the question is, what vitamins are best taken in the summer, who cares. But on hot days the body is not less needs vitamins than in autumn or winter, just vitamin preparations for the summer differ from preparations for winter or autumn.


Vitamins in pills: pros and cons

There is a point of view that if you eat rationally, all the necessary vitamins can be obtained from food. This is not entirely true. Of course, vitamins are found in many different foods, often in large quantities. But even these quantities is often not enough to satisfy the body’s needs. Hardly anyone is willing kilograms eat tomatoes or green salad, not to mention more high-calorie foods, for example, are rich in B vitamins cereals.

How it happened that before the discovery of vitamins humanity died out? This is due, on the one hand, that needs vitamins, people are constantly rising. Still a couple of hundred years ago, man was required fewer vitamins. Bad ecology, Smoking, poor diet leads to poor absorption of vitamins, respectively, the consumption of these substances increases. In addition, modern people need less food than their ancestors – heavy physical labor today are not all.

On the other hand, in the olden days, when farmers grow fruit and vegetables without the use of artificial fertilizers, and livestock are not fed stimulants of muscle mass, the content of vitamins in food products was higher than today. Nowadays, vegetables, fruit, meat and dairy products are often not as rich in vitamins, as before. Strictly speaking, comprehensive sources of vitamins can be attributed only grown by traditional methods bio-products, which, unfortunately, afford not everyone.

Thus, without vitamin tablets can’t do.

These vitamins are usually artificially synthesized. The paradox is that synthetic vitamins, although identical in composition to natural vitamins, somewhat different effect on the human body and worse digested. This means that to achieve the desired effect necessary high doses of synthetic vitamins.

In addition, synthetic vitamins often cause allergic reactions, individual intolerance is also not uncommon. Increased doses can lead to hypervitaminosis – overabundance of vitamins, which is no less, and sometimes more dangerous than the lack of these substances. Hypervitaminosis often occurs when excessive consumption of fat – soluble vitamins A, D, E; water-soluble vitamins are easily excreted. Therefore, to exceed the recommended dose is not recommended.


What vitamins in the summer do not need to take?

In the summer, when daylight hours are long enough, the sun is enough for everyone, even those who from morning till evening sitting in a stuffy office. Under the influence of sunlight, the human body produces vitamin D, and therefore, in addition to take this vitamin is not necessary. Contrary to popular belief, vitamin D it is not necessary to spend hours lying on the beach – just walk half an hour on the street on a Sunny day.

Vitamin C in the summer to get easy. It is found in most vegetables and fruits, but, unfortunately, destroyed during storage and thermal treatment. Therefore, young potatoes always useful old, had lain all winter, and fresh black currant with Bush is always better jam from the berries. In the summer of ascorbic acid available – fresh vegetables, fruits and berries are fully capable to meet the needs of the human body in this vitamin.

However do not be fooled, it is possible to vitaminiziruet” for the year ahead – excess vitamin C is excreted and not stored for future use.

Fresh greens, strawberries and melon provide the body of folic acidwhich is necessary for the health of the nervous system and the circulatory system. Women planning to conceive, pregnant or recently gave birth, requires an increased amount of this vitamin, the rest can just be sure to include in your diet fresh green vegetables, spinach, asparagus and other foods rich in folic acid.


Without vitamins not to do

Seasonal changes in supply imply the waiver of any products. In summer, the diet becomes more plant foods, and the proportion of meat and fat, on the contrary, decreases.

Accordingly, the body may experience the need for vitamins that are found in fatty meat, and cereal products, which in the summer people traditionally consume less than in winter.

For example, in summer you can experience a deficiency in vitamin A, which is contained in some products of animal origin, which in the summer is traditionally eat a little. And for those who want faster tanning, you should eat more vitamin A – carotene. Carotene contained, for example, carrots and apricots, it helps to quickly give your skin a Golden hue. Eat rich in carotene products you need together with fats, for example, carrot juice can be mixed with cream, and a salad of carrots pour a small amount of oil.

Should take care of is to provide the body with vitamin E, which is found in vegetable oils, cereals, nuts and eggs. This vitamin is often referred to as vitamin feminine beauty – he helps to preserve your youth, make skin smooth and elastic. If the food contains vitamin E not enough, come to the aid of vitamins from the pharmacy.

The B vitamins necessary for the body year-round, and often the normal diet to meet the body’s need for these substances. Complex drugs from the pharmacy to help compensate for a deficiency of B vitamins are responsible for the condition of the nervous system, digestion, blood.

Maria Bykova

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