какие витамины лучше принимать зимойWinter is a difficult time. The cold wind outside and dry up the air in the room, a variety of microbial and viral infections, sharp ride temperature – all this makes this time of year in the real test for immunity. What vitamins are best taken in winter, so this test is to stand with honor, save energy, energy, health and beauty?


Vitamin support immunity

Winter for many associated with colds and infectious diseases, irritability and bad mood. The appearance follows: the skin becomes pale, it appears pimples and dry hair, broken. In these seasonal phenomena often blame the cold and bad weather, and it’s not quite right: often blame the deficiencies – lack of vitamins.

With the onset of cold weather, many animals hibernate. People can’t afford such luxury: during the winter, people need to stay alert and energetic. It is not always simple: nature is not to deceive, and in winter the body functions differently than in the summer. Changes the metabolism, reduced production of certain hormones. The reduction in day length causes the body needs more time to sleep. And the constant cold and a bad mood cause the desire to keep warm using high-calorie foods with a high fat content.

As for vitamins, seasonal menu, they are often rather poor. And if in the beginning of winter, the lack of this vital substances not yet felt, but by February, almost all lack some vitamins. And if the deficiencies (lack of vitamins) today are fairly rare, some vitamin deficiencies (lack of vitamins) are very common. Manifestations of their very diverse: it has problems with skin and hair, irritability, fatigue, decreased responsiveness, poor sleep at night and daytime sleepiness, some violations of the internal organs.


Vitamins in pill or in a bowl?

Many believe that today, when the shelves all year round you can find a variety of vegetables and fruits, it is difficult to make a diet that will fully satisfy the needs of vitamins. But vitamins are very easily destroyed. If barely plucked from the tree the Apple of vitamins (and use in General) is really a lot, in the same Apple shelved for six months, they are already almost does not remain. And this applies to all fruits and vegetables long-term storage.

In addition, vitamins are destroyed by heat treatment. In winter, few people are attracted to cold type of hash it is much more desirable would be borscht, which vitamins, unfortunately, almost none. And some rich nutrients products, such as the liver or cereals should never eat raw.

Of course, there are many ways to preserve food the maximum amount of vitamins. This steaming, and frozen mixes, and short-term preparation. But to satisfy the body’s need for vitamins only by eating very, very difficult. And that’s why doctors recommend winter drink vitamin-mineral complexes from the pharmacy.

Such complexes are divided into preventive and curative.

The first contains about half the daily requirement of different vitamins and minerals. It is assumed that the remaining vitamins and minerals a person will get from food. Therapeutic products contain high doses of vitamins and are used only on prescription for the treatment of avitaminosis. Uncontrolled, their use can cause various diseases.

Almost all vitamin tablets synthesized artificially, natural vitamins is a rarity, and they almost never occur in complexes, only separately (for example, syrup with vitamin C or drugs on the basis of yeast, rich in B vitamins). Synthetic drugs are absorbed worse natural and can cause allergic reactions. And yet few people can do without such tablets in the cold season.

It is best to give preference to the complex drugs. Need the vitamins are selected depending on diet and individual needs of the organism. For example, those who live under constant stress, require high doses of B vitamins, and especially those recovering needed vitamin C.


Survive the winter without the hassle

What vitamins are especially necessary in the winter? In the cold season, when the body is covered with clothes, and the sun appear in the sky just a little, the body almost always lacks vitamin D. Get a can of cod liver oil, fatty fish, eggs. If these products menu is not enough, you should pay attention to the drugstore vitamins. Be aware that vitamin D is not only valuable in itself, but is necessary in order for the body to assimilate calcium.

Rarely anyone in the winter, and the lack of vitamin C, which increases the body’s resistance to diseases, gives energy, improves skin condition.

This vitamin do not accumulate in the body, it must be obtained daily. In winter, the best sources of vitamin C are citrus (especially lemon), kiwi, green onions and fermented cabbage. Interesting paradox: fermented cabbage is much richer in vitamin C than fresh.

To enrich your diet with vitamins, not enough to eat more vegetables and fruits. The B vitamins are there in cereals, grain, bread, liver, eggs. Vitamin a-rich dairy products. Vitamin E in many nuts, seeds and vegetable oil. The more diverse will be the diet, the less likely beriberi. And vitamin-mineral complexes and even reduce the risk of deficiency to zero.

Maria Bykova

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