More than a quarter of the population of the Earth has a vision which is far from ideal. Points allow people to reduce the disadvantage to a minimum. Proper selection of this popular accessory is of concern to all who need it. Be guided only need a recipe obtained from an ophthalmologist.
The most difficult task is to choose such lenses for spectacles, not to have to regret after purchase. To decide not easy: the variety of shapes, sizes, materials, used in production, is striking. In order to achieve high picture quality, comfort and convenience in the process of socks, it is useful to know what are all of the lenses.
Что нужно знать о линзах для очков?3
Spectacle lenses can be made of glass or plastic. Both materials have both advantages and disadvantages.

Well-known glass (mineral) lenses will cost cheaper than the others, among them there are enlightening, photochromic, hardened options. The glass is resistant to scratches. But at the same time, the mineral lenses traumatic and for constant wear, unlike plastic competitors, heavy.

Plastic lenses are of two types: polymer and polycarbonate. The first of them allow you to choose almost any color, frame and coating against fogging and scratches. Among them there are great variations: lenses computer, astigmatic, anticarie.
The following lenses – polycarbonate. It is the most lightweight and impact resistant glass lenses available on the market. They are almost impossible to break. Especially popular among athletes and children. But polycarbonate lenses are very difficult to process, are not effective from the point of view of the optical properties, besides due to the costly production have high retail price.

So, the best choice of material, lenses for glasses can rightly be considered polymers. Additionally, when buying lenses need to determine their purpose. Is the lens sunglasses (body tinted), for extended wear to work in the office (used near and up to 5 meters) and in the complicated conditions of work (not zapotevshie and ugly dust), for sports and driving. The list is very large.
Что нужно знать о линзах для очков?
And spectacle lenses can have with coverage of special purpose: hydrophobic (repulsion moisture), reinforcing the prevention of scratches), enlightening (the image in the darkness becomes clearer, covering “antigen” (easy cleaning without additional care) and many others.

Today you can pick up lens for every taste. The only strict condition remains accordance select the recipe of the doctor-ophthalmologist.

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