In everyday life of almost every woman, there are deodorants. Increasingly, today, the beautiful half of mankind prefers mineral дезодорантам, which in body composition are 100% natural mineral salts.
Что необходимо знать о минеральных дезодорантах.
Characteristic of these products is that such deodorants are suitable for almost everyone, even those who have sensitive skin. Their гипоалергенность proven specialists. About naturalness of deodorant and says that they have no smells, no footprints, and not cause a feeling of stickiness. In other words, these tools are perfectly suited for adult men and women, and adolescents, and pregnant women.

How does deodorant of minerals

Mineral salt, which is the basis of deodorant forms on the surface of the skin protective film. On this tape, how and under it, bacteria do not multiply excluding the odor. The brightest representative of the cosmetics, is mineral deodorant deonat, which can be used as in the underarm part in the feet and other areas. In addition, a line can be used and after depilation, for disinfection of fungal diseases.
Что необходимо знать о минеральных дезодорантах.2
Especially important positive moment is that the deodorant has no smell, that allows to use the toilet water any aroma, not afraid to create a «cocktail» of fragrances.

Worth noting is the fact that mineral deodorants do not contain any additional flavorings and other additional substances. Additives such a spoil clothes, leaving her nasty stain that cannot be withdrawn completely. Moreover, deodorants with additives can clog pores and promote irritation and unpleasant itching.

Article publication date: October 15, 2013

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