The beauty industry is rapidly moving forward, offering the fairer sex more and more ways to not only care for the hands, but also ways to diversify manicure. The newest design together with modern materials can work wonders, transforming the most ordinary manicure into an art form.

Modern woman must be perfect in everything. In addition, the manicure should match her outfit, but how to make it complete? Shop Anna Chapman will help you look your best. The model of this shop exclusive, here you can find clothes for all tastes, and items are great quality fabric and tailoring. Because for women it is very important to look good and beautiful manicure and a properly chosen dress is the key to success.

So what’s new can be find in the industry of nail service?

In first place today — nail-effect velour. This manicure looks very feminine and up to date in the cold season, when you want warmth and comfort. Why not add a bit of cashmere in the image?
Что нового в индустрии ногтевого сервиса?4
With the help of a small device Velociter, you can apply a special coating on the prepared nail. The principle of operation is very simple. The velour powder particles under the action of the apparatus and are polarized under the action of the electrostatic field lying close to the artificial nail plate. This coating can best be applied to gel or acrylic and looks just amazing!

Due to the different materials for powder, you can make a unique design. This kind of manicure is very pleasant to the touch, like a soft blanket, but at the same time lasts a long time and absolutely safe.

Another novelty is the Hollywood variant of the manicure — minx who conquers gloss metalized surface. Nails look like they were plated with real gold or silver. But with the latest developments, it is now possible to do graphical coverage.

This effect is achieved through a special photographic film which is applied to the nail plate. Ease of procedure to do a manicure not only in beauty salon but also at home. In addition, the film strengthens the nail, and unlike regular nail Polish does not chip and lasts about one week.
Что нового в индустрии ногтевого сервиса?3
Popular and this type of manicure as hi — tech. This is perfect when in a matter of minutes necessary to refresh the manicure and create a stunning image.

Lucky hi-tech are composed of metal powders of microscopic size. When applied to the nail, the varnish looks very ordinary, but if you bring a special magnet on the surface of the nail when the desired pattern.

A manicure is a way to show your personality, as long as the image of the whole was complete and harmonious. A woman is never left unattended.

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