And at us in Russia…

We in Russia in the XI-XV centuries wore two or three zones depending on gender and social status of a person. Bottom mens shirt girded wicker or fabric belt, and the upper sash or a belt made of leather. The latter was considered to be a purely accessory for men, so women can wear it not supposed to. Boyars and noblemen wore wrought gold and silver belts with precious stones, leather belts with metal and bone plates and silk sashes with gold and silver thread. With the reforms of Peter the great Russian male costume was turned more like Europe. In the male role of the belt and the belt is often performed scarf, tied with a bow. In the female until the nineteenth century, the belt was a genuine jewelry masterpiece: decorated with jewels, was strewn with pearls.

Patriotic war of 1812 for a long time revived interest in fashion to the military uniform and to its many details. In the late 60-ies appeared populists and girl students, and with them the problems of emancipation. But a fashionable symbol of emancipation had become a man’s belt or strap) now as part of the costume educated woman without prejudices.

Since that time, the leather strap has become an equal part of both male and female wardrobe for many years.

The choice of our days

Today we wear belts with pants, skirts, dresses, or over a blouse to give the suit the charm and originality or to emphasize the ease of our image.

Modern belts can be divided into two classes. The first is expensive, testifying to the success and prosperity, only from a genuine leather of crocodile, Python and other exotic plants. Mens belts expensive class have no decorations, and the female can be hand-painted and inlaid stones and metals.

And the second class – democratic and youth. They do not require expensive materials and exclusive decor, but give the imagination of designers, pleased with the low price, and therefore, can be different every day. Because of budget belt tasteful that can turn each of your output in the holiday. In fashion ethnic style, original buckle, straps, decorated with buttons, yarn stones…

The main thing – do not overdo it with the number and glitter ornaments. Although Coco Chanel never was afraid. But for this we must try to cultivate an equally impeccable taste as great Mademoiselle.

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